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manifestos >

"More than wanting to nail down the mercurial origami
you could pour it over your harddisk" - Potential Manifesto

Potential Manifesto 2007 (wip) - collective text montage, based on the agent answers
Plaris Giata Manifesto 2005 (wip) - stolen and borrowed one-liners and quotes
Constant Manifesto 2005 - collective text montage
Manifesto 1995 - around the time of the 'break' from the origamism
Manifesto 1994 - a direct and aggrevated message broadcasted on radio
Manifesto 1993 - networker statement spread via various channels
ThBnett Manifesto 1992 - early/pre-origami statement

missives from the origami headquarters >

Free Twenty-three 2023 - on social networking
Nineteen 2009 - short summary
18 Years & Legal 2008 - pre-positions
Zoorealism v7.07 2007 - launching the new web index
Forest Fire 2007 - why the launch was delayed
16 Years & Willing 2006 - launching the temporary web index
Boe Is Back 2006 - on the return to the origamism
15 Years & Barely Legal 2005 - a status report
10 Years Of Otherness & Being 2000 - press release
A112 Obituary 1997 - spirit and agent number to a truly material thing

questions of otherness and being >

Answers send in by various agents to the questionnaire below. Names of most people and places have been anonymised. Most language errors have been kept.

01) why join the origamism, or are you surprised to find yourself listed?
02) best, worst or first origamemory
03) basic or personal motive for creation
04) motive for participation & exchange in general
05) related interests in arts, philosophy, music or other fields of culture
06) less obvious or non-related interests
07) a few words on your background, education, daily work or such
08) wishes, prayers or hopes
09) slogan, motto, credo

[blogsport: the google according to origami - the balance or lack thereof in the internet and its coverage of brickspace. "thank you for your effort" vs. "stop spam mails", "many had a nice day" vs. "many had a horrible day"]

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