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A112 OBITUARY / 1997

To whom it may concern: The KomKol Autoprod main tape deck passed out June 5th 1997, after almost ten years of service crucial to the development of Origami Republika.

Rest In Peace
(aka A112)

Purchased by Elisabeth A15 in the late '80s, you came into our safe hands at a preceding stage, thus being with us right from the starting point. In '90 you let us become aroused by the first cut-ups. We've been pushing your pause button a zillion times since, we've used your dub function to a maximum, thus being allowed to spread our tapes wide and far over the years.

Not to talk of all the products you - the Master Machine - put to life, by helping us to spend our tiny income on new projects instead of redirecting them into studios, harddisc recorders, even four-track recorders. Taking it further there is all the nice audiowork you let us listen to before it was even released on cds or vinyl, by winding the tapes send us by friends and allies.

You were not expensive, as if you had a clear knowledge on which future to pursuit and a heart-felt sympathy with our situation. The high-tech army laughed at you, you were insulted by the state supported conservative rockers and ravers... But you proved them all wrong.

Coming from where you came from - a multicorperate capitalist organisation - showed us that it is possible to change our own destinies by Taking A Choice. The people who designed and created you; little did they know about what your heritage should become. But we know.

Our souls were nurtured by your presence in our Carl Berners Plass, Monrads Mine and Church Street studios. You told us: 'Come on, edit, combine, recycle... Let me place it all in the right context for you, just push the right buttons, and I'll make it worthwhile...' So we did.

You were - and are - the proof on the consistency of our common foolosophy. A living icon connected to our maxims of Spiritual Materialism, the Spiritual Maximalism; guiding us through the options and potential. Maybe your death is not in vain, it just might be a symbol on our step onto the next level. Yes, you will remain the Immanent Consistent Spirit of our actions.

We will not go out to find your like, because it's not possible. The knowledge, the "being there as it happened", the energy and enthusiasm you have witnessed, the failed artistic attempts you've had to cope with - you must have had visions grander than any human genious.

In coherence with reality, we're too late for showing you the just respect and devotion. So now, at last, all we can do is to provide you with an honorary membership in The Free People & Pets Of Origami Republika, as Angel Agent A112. You will be missed!

On behalf of Origami Republika & KomKol Autoprod
A15 and A22

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 20:55:38 +0000
Subject: Re: NEKROLOG - A112
Skickar mina kondoleanser angående A112's frånfälle. Påverkar detta på något sätt våra planer på ett eventuellt samarbete?
Ronnie Sundin A167 / bonbon records
deathprod A04 / audio virus LAB
Per Gisle A111 / Apartment Records


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