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BOE IS BACK / 2006

The return to the origamism

or_/republika enters its first face, as we are invisibly fully prepared.
The preface has been written.

The future. There is certainly a need for input, both to expand the musical styles represented and particularly in non-musical directions, as there is a lot of (white) space for literature, poetry, proclamations, actions, visual art, and what you might come up with. Sadly there has been a widespread misconception about or_/ only being there for promoting certain "alternative" or "experimental" styles of music, so very not so. The recent addition of traditional folk performers, djs that can present any type of music (borrowed mp3s are perfect readymades) and people entirely disconnected to any music-scene goes to show this.

Boe is back! Yeah - Boe like in Bo Diddley, Boe like in Bo Derek, Boe like in BoBo El Bajazzo, like in "watch Boe boppin' on the dancefloor'.

Last summer i was supposed to spend quite a lot of nights and siestas tagging the new web index to celebrate the fifteen year anniversary of the origami republika concept (hereafter and everywhere else or_/). Home alone with my two-year old in kindergarten, without other work and in a very inspiring mental climate, it looked that i could finally form and articulate the framework of our activities and get it all up for you to share. After fifteen years of preparation, of natural expansion and intuitive action. I was also going to complete the last few releases from the vaults before the next round, then contact each agent personally to encourage interaction also in the next 15 year plan. Not so;

Little Simon decided this was the right time to go through his schizo-evil temper-tantrum phase, rendering it impossible for me to devote the kind of energy such efforts would demand. And once and for all Papi was taught the lesson that minidisks does not fit into dat-machines unless you add a certain lid-breaking amount of pressure, so that's another element. But then again, or_/ is not aiming at being this seasons' thing. Furthermore, seeing how zenic and anti-stressful the dynamics of the origamism have become over the years, i will descreetly declare once again; all in due time.

"my theatre project is not some UTOPIA. indeed. it could easily be established six times over if people stopped wasting money on the army and training sportsmen." - Hermann Nitsch

Please keep in mind that these activities are run entirely on air and love, on very sparse sparetime and absolutely no budget what so-ever. or_/ can be many many things, but sadly i cannot eat it. I have recently found new work - in construction this time, and after carrying some tons of materials for refurbishing apartment complexes, maybe i can also work further on the origamism. I do make a lot of visual art on the side, though, and new releases will be out.
Furthermore, the week before our 15 anniversary fiestas our machine crashed thoroughly, i lost contact with the internet, and a bunch of tiny let-downs rendered any completion impossible. Instead of once again leaving the web index in a state of total fragmentation, i have chosen to take it all down, declaring an almost silent return for May 13 this year.

'I love your concept of "dissolving your solo project"! That's art!' - Courtis A132

The 1999-2004 "Tore Honoré Bøe" project (5 Year Plan) was started as i wrongly thought i needed to have a sphere of creation also outside the origamism, allowing others to position themselves, and humbly trying to promote "myself" as a musicians' brand name. Committing timecide again as there were concerts to organise and perform, releases to be mastered, duplicated and shipped, websites to be updated and whatnot, all well and good. I met a lot of nice people, saw a lot of great acts, toured both upper and lower class accomodations and venues, indulged myself in many wonderous artistic operations. You'd find me as support act for Einstürzende Neubauten, sharing sounds with a list of people who have impressed me and taugth me a lot, giving concerts in living rooms and galleries around in Europe, even in Norway and on a slight d-tour of the New York area.

The only thing that didn't feel right was the promotion of the individual, that ego thing, so even before jumping on the highway of lone soldiers on the road to establishment, i knew i had to return to the origamism. The way things went made up for more and more confusion between "me" as a performing and recording artist and "me" as coordinator for the origamism, and it put a certain pressure on the "i" that felt uncomfortable.

"For instance, he faked his signature whenever he used it, to keep other people from forging important papers with his name..." - Papercuts 2001

I temporarily returned to using the ThB signature, as that was were it all began about five years before the start of or_/, and keep in mind that the very first or_/work was defined as living sculpture. Rewriting the Five Year Plan and 13051826 processes as or_/work was as easy as it was hard to avoid in the first place.
A manifestation of my rather private artistic process entitled or_/13051826 will take place in Nijmegen, Moss and San Fernando in May this year, in Nijmegen including extensive written notes and visual work in addition to some soundscapes (some already released).

Through reading thousands of pages on a spectre of visual and conceptual art, and then setting out to produce a lot of non-musical work, i have challenged myself to find my own lingo, transcending the limits of pure sound-making and leading (back) into more focus on conceptual and visual art.

My urge is to see how far it is possible to merz and merge various and at times contradictionary artistic expressions into a more primeordeal form, equalising the value not only of stylistic elements within one area (alternative music, performance art), but also genre-wise, status-wise and socially.

One thing i learnt was never more to leave the origamism. It is such a natural extension of many ideas that have been tested out, but that has failed, mostly because noone signed the or_/credo "agree to disagree", or due to total ignoranse. So many artists and movements have proclaimed the new tide and the end of the old it has become a bore. Not many have survived, nor created a self-sustained meta-existence.

Splintering good deeds and ideas into fragmentary fights between individuals and social circuits was just so 20th century. It was detrimental to the potentialism of or_/. Tiny signs have emerged that also contemporary time is open for some abstract leakage, collaborations unheard of 15 years ago have taken place, some extra space have been allowed those who act up on that. All fine and well and ready for the next step.

Now, honestly, i am not against confusion, nor pressures, nor discipline. Yet it was riding on two horses, and the one bigger than "me" won. As other people performed the debut concert of "my" solo career, it was only logical that others also ended it off; three people playing "my" last show in Argentina a year ago. All upcoming projects will carry the or_/ prefix, mostly as or_/boe.

"Freedom is based on artistic discipline." - Kurt Schwitters A96

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