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In the days leading up to my tour where i will present music and atmospheres associated with climate change and other social changes, the worst forest fire in the history of our islands is raging behind my house. Weird. Tragic.

Already a crazy summer heat with fierce winds of 45-50C without the fire - as predicted by those in the know last year and artistically challenged in my track El Niño, the battery on my new mac meltet and left me shattered until i realised that in this privileged and modern day and time you can borrow hardware from your mother, so no crisis, but the heat makes any activity not only hard - but impossible.

According to a spokesman on tv "this ecological catastrophy has been worse for the eco-system than 50 years of mass-tourism", and i bet you that means a lot of damage. We are blessed with a unique micro-climate that create zones where you´ll find myriads of insects and plants that you´ll only find here, so it´s very fragile.

My thoughts go to those who have lost most of their possessions or possibilities of daily income. And of course my thoughts go to the people affected most and the people fighting it so bravely under these extreme conditions. There is a strong sense of community here, and we are only lucky that no lives seems to be lost.


A few months later; everything is being done to prevent soil erotion and to support the victims who lost their houses, farms and daily income. Yet; a report says that around 20 species of insects, plants and birds will never be seen again - most of them indiginous to this island.

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