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Ahoi. Give the Emperor what belongs to him, and give us other folk some slack. In midst of a silent period surrounding your humble headquarters there are currents steadily creating rings in the water placed over the speakers and outside your windows.

As your coordinator - and thus tagger in this giant open web puzzle archive, i took a vow september 21st 2005, my very-own 36th birthday, never again to even try to answer the question: WHAT IS ORIGAMI ALL ABOUT. Thassit, zip, nada. The more importance thus have to be put into completing this open archive, publishing all the tiny fragments of expression, affection and information, so that the origamism can reveil itself as it is, as what it has become.

Embracing heartfelt thanks and mucho besitos go out to all of you who have showed such patience over these last few years. This is also the last time i apologise to all of you who have awaited answers to your mails and response to your input; for in the new 15 year plan, feeling bad for the facts of life will be toned down immensely, allowing the energy to be focussed on creation. I hope this does not come across as arrogant, as it can help this concept turn elegant. So, my sincere thanks and apologies to all of you. To quote from an upcoming cdr, these pages are "dedicated to those who know who you are".

As for the + NETWORK, things couldn't be better. We have - one round more, proved the very need for these questions of otherness & being, as people don´t give up putting things in, adding time and effort to a "concept" that doesn´t pay off neither in the alternative famegame, media or establishment, nor in the green cold cash of the devil. Streetcred, darling, now that´s something on a whole other level.

I´ll take a step back as i see now that people are getting busified entirely without me hassling them into it. Suddenly a cdr appear, the only thing i connect to might be the origami prefix, then we get in touch. I also appreceate that the circuit is widening in various directions, instead of the "normal" narrowing down of people into a gang, possé, cluster, club, congregation, sect, backstage-backslappers.

After 15 years we have no clue who the others are. Other that we are in this thing together.

Our = FRAMEWORK crashed thoroughly once your humble coordinator realised it was time for another five year plan. Fifteen years, goddammit. It was Lasse A73 who once wrote me something like "origami is something sticky you will never get out of your hair", and man, was he right on spot.

Next year we´re legal, give us a year or two to get used to the idea; then...

I sincerely hope this will also be alluring to the bunch of long time agents that i´ve almost fallen out of contact with, so that they are willing to share more material.

The lists of live manifestations and published items are impressive. The individual motivation and intuitive inspiration to participate even more so. Motion is being registered as we go.

In these days of individualism it can be hard to imagine that we have more in common than football worship, so where do we take it from here?

I would personally like to thank each and everyone of you for your patience! It has been a drag to always meet dead links and unfinished threads, but again, cut me some slack and you'll see. I promise. That much i´ve learnt from my private art process.

This is why i insist (insistism marries potentialism?) on putting every word, image and sound possible into circulation, it's all public domain now, i want this meme to expand even further from "my" artistic preferences, yet remain a vessel for what it has defined itself as providing; "reassurance in times of resignation". So, as the 15 years of preparations were framed by "me", now you decide how to expand and take advantage of the potentialism of the origamism, by joining and sharing.

As for the - ARTWORK, it is selfexplanatory.

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