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Based on agent communication 2003-05, published online in time for the 15th anniversary, october 2005:

or_/ agrees on the right to disagree.

or_/ is based on first hand experience and second hand thoughts.

or_/ provides reassurance in times of resignation.

or_/ is not a movement, it is its own fixed static, captured in the realms of the WORD.

or_/ is the zink onto the psoriasis.

or_/ is a ripe apple for you to chip into, probably tasting like an orange.

or_/ admits that even origamists get the blues.

or_/ is in dire need of a Peggy or a Piggybank to pay for postage and promotion, performances and presentations, pasta and protection.

or_/ is a circle drawn in chalk.

or_/ believes in the origin of the pieces.

or_/ states that if you lay down flat, your bodily liquids will mingle in your brain and you will go crazy.

or_/ does (not) know it's roots, and firmly believes in quoting-entirely-out-of-context.

or_/ is a paper notebook filled with zeros and ones, zero and one together is one, obviously.

or_/ says 'Stop flushing trannies'.

or_/ believes that the steady decrease in media coverage over the years is proof of doing something right.

or_/ takes place in the kitchen of hippie heaven.

or_/ is collecting butterflies for the beauty of the butterfly-wing-theory.

or_/ says 'Falling on your face is still moving forwards!'.

or_/ states that in applied performance art you can fuck with who- or whatever you want.

or_/ states that the precious should be kept away from the veneral diseases of the critic-dealer-investors.

or_/ is nonedimensional, yet neither flat nor compressed, a state of transition, every word you read is TRUE.

or_/ is into-somethingness enough for all.

or_/ is not operating in GMT/CMT/EMT, it is happening in the past present future.

or_/ is a hole in your pocket, and the place where all the lonely socks go.

or_/ is cough-medicine against sneeze-culture.

or_/ is warming and warning you to detach yourself from the yearning for detachment.

or_/ is adding east south to dogma north west, to prevent the post-imperialist urban influenza.

or_/ has decided to give at the door whenever you sing us a christmas carol.

or_/ promotes the insight that 64 divided by 64 is one for each.

or_/ should come more as a prize than a surprise.

or_/ aknowledges everything that cannot be ignored.

or_/ admits that things first get REALLY interesting in the 9th dimension.

or_/ is potentialism for the zero-zeros, then the new tens and the twenties.

or_/ says 'We are all equal too, but none is more equal than others.'.

or_/ states that it will remain more diplomatic and radical than any of its agents or subunits.

or_/ is a tickle that will make your creativity glands trickle.

or_/ states that synergy IS hyped.

or_/ is a paying member of the Rottefella Foundation.

or_/ supports almost anything out-of-tune out-of-sight.

or_/ is a proof on innovation through emulation.

or_/ can be sustained for 30 days on a drop of juice.

or_/ is the coffee and cigarette after the sad leftover love sandwich.

or_/ is CONSTANTly throwing Philosophers' Stones in The Glass House.

or_/ states that the book that was not to be is also part of our kanon.

or_/ will never allow anyone the benefit of hindsight.

or_/ is an inspirational framework for the flood-drought future.

or_/ states Water Over Oil - Roof Over People.

or_/ will remain almost invisible as there is no OUTSIDE.

or_/ believes that life is bigger than any bodypart.

or_/ states that perfection is death because it leaves nothing to be desired.

or_/ is NOTHING because each line and angle leads to SOMETHING.

but most of all:
or_/ is an island in the sea of reality.

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