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Printed in various fanzines, later xeroxed and spread in the real mail, by Robert T Jr. A14, 1995:

or_/ still has a solid ground to build on. We nurture the sources of openess, freedom from borders and other obstacles. We might use the zenarchist term Spiritual Maximalism.

We are bound to be able to communicate with whomever it is we're contacting.

We are set on involving our friends and allies even if they are not even into Art or Music, simply because we reject to see the separations between Life and Work.

We are not dependent on proving our independency, we do not let us be defined by what we're up against.

Our freedom of movement and meditation is far too fragile and valuable. Either/or easily turns to neither/nor, this we feel is one of the main problems in the conservative alternative scene today.

We believe in Both this/And That. We get the energy to do this because we are devoted Easy Media Maximalists, wrenching the maximum out of the minimum (regarding economy and equipment), grasping every chance at new experiences.

We chase a firmer set of Practical Aesthetics and Willful Wondering. No need for you to be on the outside - consumerism and virility joins in our concept.

Interaction applauded. Join us in our escapades. Any comments appreceated.


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