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ZOOREALISM v7.07 / 2007

FRAMEWORK v7.07 zoorealistic version OPEN ARCHIVE

åhh, nei, nå talte han deg også ...

It´s the seventh day of the seventh month of the year two-thousand-and-seven. Shortly it will be 07:07am, seven hours and seven minutes into this day the zoorealistic v.7.07 is declared open.

The whole concept of the origami network seems to be much easier for people to understand, grasp and comprehend now after all these MySpace, YouTube exchange-based communities have been showing up. Simplicity IS complex...

I was forwarded an idea that origami should engage the world´s best hacker to "search and replace" all url´s on the internet, so that http:// or myspace.com/ is exchanged with origami/ in order to add any subfolders there to the origamism - (origami/blacksabbath) - thus all will become as one, just like that. Fancypants...

So, again; why? Why not. As any older so-called all-inclusive projects (fluxus, "neo-dada", etc...) perhaps it should reflect more than north-western isolationism and urge for exotism and escape, it should crash the levees and reconnect to the outside and outdoors. This should be more than a luxury game for us in the head-set junta.
This here ain´t about escape and exotism, the origamism is growing real.

We put the REAL back in surREALismus, the zoorealistic alternative of pure ecstatic being through contant re-creation. No, no, no easy-to-chew worldview is on offer here, look for answers elsewhere, here you can only look for questions of otherness & being. And perhaps respond to them by addition instead of answering.

Once at the end of the 90s i was told (yes, we have agents everywhere!) that a respected norwegian art capacity referred to origami republika as being "that noisy technoband". Ignoranse knows no borders, neither do the origamism, but does that mean it is based on ignoranse? Methinks not.

There is no need to disregard the usual critic-analytic apparatus, knowledge can never be un-knowed, and as far as the origamism goes, all reflections matter. We are interested in other people´s views on the positioning, the philosphies and all other mind-stuff surrounding the origamism.

We have constantly being ditched from the good company of well-oiled and neatly designed projects due to our seemingly uncritical addition of amateur- and incompleted art and music into the origamism.

Trying to fully understand what the origamism has developed into is like looking for clues when you should be looking to get laid. There are monthly requests to be added, and keep in mind that these people are not even connected to other origamists elsewhere, keeping the strategy of remaining outward-bound has worked.

What you will find on all these pages - and we have no illusions that everyone should read everything, is exactly a naturally limited selection of ALL that has been, is, and will be, part of the origami context

The established artists that dare share with the origamism has the same one "subunit front page" like every other dadaist, punk or twat that has added on an almost daily basis. A friend who took some photos is an agent alongside the circuit heroes. It has all been equalised into equal parts in the origamism - where the factual presence of recorded or performed work is balanced by the mysticism of the un-recorded or un-performed ones.

This has effectively hindered any kind of secterism or narrowing down of social curcuits that are so often seen with other "open projects" that have lasted a few years then turned into the usual retrogarde ego heckling. That was one of the most crucial part of the early forming of the origamism, and believe me, still is.

or_/inertia is celebrating ten years of doing NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Almost every page is here, even for the ones who said almost jokingly that they would become origami dit'n'datika and failed to submit anything, and hopefully everyone who uttered an origami intention is included. This is potential to be worked upon, as more than 30 active subunits do these days. Not bad.

Back to point; yes you are all there now, remembered, counted, sampled, archived. For some even before input has been received. Please believe me when i tell those of you who might read this that we´re still waiting, the folders are open and that wherever you are now is perfect for the development of [thebigpicture].

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