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Started in 2007 - based on agent input (see questionnaire):

# Work time of free exchange receive wish nonrelated manifesto?

# Computerized communication is losing its flavor - but it´s cheaper than airfare.

# More than wanting to nail down the mercurial origami you could pour it over your harddisk.

# I respect my urges to travel, and do so by writing additions to thebigpicture and go anywhere.

# Jag tycker om dig. Yo quiero. I feel for you.

# All that i can get to publish, once discussed.

# Yes i have some words for you: hiatus     non-existing

# Time is still endless.

# Every wasted moment is a crime and every crime is a wasted moment.

# ¡Porque No?

# I am getting into a place where I am able to structure some of my work to get done & I like that.

# I will be able to look back & actually see some things I did.

# I hope everyone ends up the same way.

# it's up to us to create culture.

# Pnoom. Oscillate. With. Intensity.

# storm rages strong in the little folds of spaciality! weeeeeeee!_smallest sparks of video.

# Do more, care less, fuck shit, be happy. Most important of all: Keep it unreal!.

# Everything overtly spiritual in nature is suspect.

# political hedonism

# Stick to yourself. Compromise? Not in art.

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