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16 YEARS & WILLING / 2006

FRAMEWORK v6 rewrite 2006 rewhite version OPEN ARCHIVE

I've been away from snow and whiteout conditions long enough to start appreceating the qualities of that colour, so i have introduced the temporary WHITE VERSION, trying to find the ultimate form and logical surfing possibilities, trying and failing, stopping half-way, then starting anew.

But when i get there, after yet another computer meltdown and endless amounts of other time demanding issues at hand - all whitewashed, foldered and clean, the framework will be interconnected and re-charged, prepared for the potential of the future.

From representing a cold vast nothingness, to representing the potential of fresh canvases or warm brick walls neatly contrasted by slashes of palm-green. Thus the documentation and the sites themselves have been whitewashed, all according to methods of merging and merzing [the big picture].

There is a lack of images and colours in general - due to the fact that details are now being minutely selected, added and archived. This is a way of creating hopefully inspiring "tabula rasa"s for the various subunits, allowing open spaces for expansion within this set framework and planning for the future (the random mp3 radio, the messageboard, the audio and video archive and so on).

This is definitely not "my" artwork anymore. This is our artwork.

That´s why all the details have to be shared.

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