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A direct message concerning some recent insults from the less imaginative part of the contemporary art scene, 940601. Broadcasted By or_/politika at Sort Kanal/Radio Nova, Oslo, Norway 130694:

We did not think we had to tell this straight, but it seems time is ripe, as the project is slowly growing visible to the eyes and minds of both audiences and media. The characters associated to or_/ are acting out roles, each playing sarcastic parodies of 'The Artist'.

or_/ is a Real Life Theatre mirroring the various phenomena involved in the creative (private) and expressive (public) processes.

We are perfectly aware of our positions in the sleazy and worn-out rock'n'roll mythology. We are there because people need clowns. There is a deep side to being a professional clown, mirroring frustrations and misjudgements of ordinary wo/men. To state it clearly: we are not politicians, we are far from it. So, call us moralists if you prefer, as we are striving to establish trust and abolish fear, and if that is defined as being conservative, well, then we wouldn't sleep with you even if we got paid for it.

If the socalled alternative people, academics and artists included, opened their minds just a little wider than usual, there would be no need for us to force them open. We know that art-production is a waste of time and energy, if living itself becomes second.

We are constantly being labelled as extremists. We are convinced however, that balance is a point between the extreme and the x-rated dream. On one hand we will continue to construct pieces of beauty. On the other hand we will constinue to crush our own attempts through pure cathartic rites. We work for a functional main stream.

We will spread our acts of random terror... and continue to stress the value of The Direct Action. We will not let you remain safe in your self-defensive disguise. You cannot hide. We will strike, and we will strike hard, directly at the core of captivity. Because our weapons are those of beauty.

We are not segregated into any specific sub-group, we are fighting for our right to belong in the system. We are aiming to focus on the simple theme of being persons of virility and warmth. This makes us avoid starting up with an academic idea, in order to project it some time later, simply because it is a reversed life process. Things grow from the roots, not from the sky, nor the clouds of artistic haze.

This stimulates us to express ourselves directly and intuitively, thus leaving the academic dissection to others or saving it for later.

We aim at triggering associations that will generate lust for change. We want to be a chemical substance in the material world. We clearly, shamelessly and eagerly state our dreams of personal responsibility and mutual respect regardless of colour, gender, sex, or convictions.

As part-takers in the cultural network, we are everywhere. We are not limited by any geographical or cultural borders. We know they are imposed by man, and are thus changeable by man. We promote our ideas globally and act locally. We never remain in one position long enough to sow the human seeds of personal envy, corruption and quest for power.

We will see how far we can take this project before being tied down by selfimposed 'limitations' or 'regression'. When we are no longer able to move our selves, a public annihilation of the origamism is due.

What punctured balloon would Spirit be
- if we could capture it in words ?

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