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(some futile attempts at explaining the obvious on a no-need-to-know basis)

"As your coordinator - and thus tagger in this giant open web puzzle archive, i took a vow september 21st 2005, my very-own 36th birthday, never again to even try to answer the question: WHAT IS ORIGAMI ALL ABOUT ... Thassit, zip, nada, no more. The more importance thus have to be put into completing this open archive, publishing all the tiny fragments of expression, affection and information, so that the origamism can reveil itself as it is, as what it has become." - Boe A22


an open network of people interested in the sharing of expressions >>> through music, text, publications, videos, stage or gallery appearances. It now counts over 300 agents, who in turn have published hundreds of releases and performed well over a thousand concerts and actions live, all more or less obscure according to "the almost invisible art of" meme. origami REPUBLIKA is the main enzyme (or an umbrella against the later storm of splinterism), separated into various longer or shorter term contellations (f.i. ARKTIKA, SONIKA), each independently run without central censorship. > more


an online and physical archive >>> by using our new host teks.no and various external channels (vimeo, isuu etc), we openly share from the entire collection of audio, video, lists, texts, sketches, notes, diaries and photos with fellow agents and anyone else that is interested in following the process. This archive is not designed for promoting any particular project within origami republika - various constellations have their own pages (fb, myspace etc) for this purpose. This is certainly a total information overload on the don´t-need-to-know basis, but you are welcome to spend some time surfing through the various webrings in this online version, download free zips and perhaps becoming interested in participating yourself. > more


an artwork all by itself >>> shortcurcuiting cultural charges since 1990. simply a natural progression of the almost hundred year old ideas about the total MERZ theatre by Kurt Schwitters. After fluxus, dada, auto-destructive art, bad painting, avant-garde, taz theory, subjectivism, conceptualism, anal-objectivism, rhizoma and whatever labels that are all well-established by now, it is strange to see how hard it has been to get origami republika ACCEPTED AS A PIECE OF ART, period. > more

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