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- xeroxed and spread to mail order customers, later reprinted in zines
and on fliers, by Robert T Jr. A14, 1993:

We are a cultural collective consisting of people chosen by will or at random.

We work directly with energy, easy documentation, functionalism and creation.

We define our combat area as widely as possible. Then we send our agents out.

We stand with shiny eyes, watching the organism gaining control over itself.

We are no part of any sect or circle, but we believe in the effects of modern myth.

We are not afraid of being defined as naive.

We're naives with knives.

We intuitively see our capability of expression as a privilege.

We feel obliged to perform.

We state that the Origami concept is more of a field-study, than a band or project.

We are constructing an organism in solid space.

We are aware of the ones who came before us, and hopefully we'll unveil the continuity.

We are at war with the forces of alienation. They tell us the world has become smaller.

We hold action and construction to be the greatest of all arts.

We accept no borders between cultural expressions.

We explore and exploit them.

We abolish the weak concept of post modernism.

We merz effect and affect.

We utilize any method or model to reach our aims.

We run on enthusiasm and devotion.

We realize that the fun lies in variety. Boredom and restraint are the ultimate enemies.

We demand our right to be taken seriously, even if our sharpest sword is a smile.

We hold tradition and history to be important for defining the present.

We reject the definitions of cyber-this and cyber-that.

We are not technoids.

We aim at placing old-fashioned networking as a predecessor to the new digital networks.

We declare aesthetics and shaping as our prime objects.

We have to state again that arroganse and fascism are cowardice and digression.

We clearly and shamelessly dissolve any separation between race, religion and sex.

We know there are complex problems to be solved.

We carefully watch our steps.

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