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1.3 HOW to interact with origami republika > join - share - help

You are crucial, agent (2b), and most welcome! You become an agent by participating in whatever way you see fit at least three times, or being present on a published recording or other product, by joining the word game, or simply because you deserve to be an Honorary Pet (HP).

"Before the next 15 Year Anniversary we expect much more collaborations, remixes, mail-art, trades, anti-art, performances, absurdism, noise, silence, and pancakes to come. And we hope to have or_/actionism over the coming 1500 years around Earth, and near planets if possible..." origami southamerika 2005

"Want list, conceptually and otherwise: More non-white non-male non-westeners, more song-writer stuff (where have all the vocals gone? what happened to normal music? in this "alternativism" doing the obvious is more radical than you'd imagine), your words on all sides of the origamism, and maybe cartoons, definitely more visual art, and naked surfers, maybe a bus that could constantly ride with interchangeable agents and stage interior in place, poetry, a constant place in the unesco system, more street art and direct actions, imperfection and non-reflective amateurism, more in-depth theoretical and majikal studies, more good dinners, and concerts, and pieces, and plots. More face-to-face meetings and more equal travel opportunities to avoid estrangement and isolationist tendencies. Un corazón collectivo - una vida divertida." - origami headquarters 2008

1.3.1 JOIN

first step > agree to disagree >

This project develops by your input. We know that most agents are busy with other projects and even more important; lives, so you decide for yourself how much effort you will put in. Only nothing is too small, and everything is big enough.

Contrary to popular belief, this project is not restricted to promote "experimental music" or "avant guarde art". This is an entity on its own, the action plan or the execution of [thebigpicture].

As has been repeated to a boring extent; Balance is a point between the extremes, maybe even each and every point, the whole point.

second step > choose life >

"We want you
We want you
We want you
As a new recruit"
- Village People

Each and every subunit gets it's own page with links to archived material, mp3s and all relevant details.

Here are some unused subunit names, or feel free to find your own >>>
or_/artitika (long live human error), or_/atlantika, or_/eklektika (coined by Jens A178) or_/episkopoka (coined by Robert A14), or_/feska (coined by a northern guy we met at a rather animated party. 'Feske' is northern dialect for 'fishing'), or_/hermeneutika, or_/hermetika, or_/idiomatika (coined by Adam A220), or_/idiotika, or_/innvikla, or_/ jenka, or_/kapitalistika, or_/karaoke, or_/korka, or_/mecka,  or_/mikroskopika, or_/motorika, or_/planka (coined by Frank-Robert A124), or_/polka, or_/psykomotorika, or_/reve-enka, or_/spasmophilia (coined by Eva-Revox), or_/telepatika, or_/trysilknut th. gleditsch, or_/utvikla, or_/viktig-proppika (coined by Filip A141)

third step > submit questionnaire >

A crucial source for extensive quoting. The democratic concept and expansion of the project is dependent on it. Please copy the questions into the body of an e-mail and return it... You can of course remain anonymous, but still "Be Both The Whole And A Part Of It".

here we go >

01) why join the origamism, or are you surprised to find yourself listed?
02) best, worst or first origami memory:
03) basic or personal motive for creation:
04) motive for participation & exchange in general:
05) related interests in arts, philosophy, music or other fields of culture:
06) less obvious or non-related interests:
07) a few words on your background, education, daily work or such:
08) wishes, prayers or hopes:
09) slogan, motto, credo:
10) any words for the POTENTIAL manifesto?


1.3.2 SHARE >

open invitations >

origami grafika´s microgaleria sur > The vestibule of this doll-house gallery is open to anyone, please submit a physical miniature send us by real mail.

2011 will see the start of the "origami republika accents" project, where every single origami agent can submit an exactly 3 minute audio piece in any genre, no track titles or other details except their name and agent number, subunit name and city or village where they work. (Example: jane doe Axxx - origami demo - amsterdam). > info/page

"diy guantánamo" compilation web album/cdr > ultra-extreme noises that you can expose yourself to guantánamo-style, so your inner potential terrorist will repent and you will remain a good citizen. To be published in the TRASS! anarchives free download series on Ambolthue.

bookworms > a webring of subunits entirely dependent on your input. Please share thoughts and views, quotes, web clippings, links etc... with the following subunits to assure that the origamism is about more than "alternative experimental music" >>> or_/kalendar - on dates, or_/klokka - on time, or_/leksika - your definitions of things not found in wikipedia, or_/paprika - your recepies, or_/politika - your political views and comments, or_/potential - add you fantastic unrealised work, or_/robotnika - on unpaid cultural work

practical >

like to share your sounds? >

Send sounds/masters on regular cdr even if it is only for an mp3 release. One copy of whatever released or published item should also be send in for our archives. Please ask for a catalogue number before printing the cover. You "own" the "rights" to "your" master/original, and do any dealing directly with label, publisher or distributor. Audio sketches, outtakes and unfinished bits will be donated to or_/postalaudika for further agent in-house remixing. Material will only be shared via this site by specific permission. Extreme noises, errors, feedbacks and such is welcomed, and will be donated to one of the or_/agents anonymous™ cdrs.

like to share your words? >

Mail text as usual e-mail text and avoid weird use of ",.#$%$"__# #"^#$%%". We accept poetry, lyrics and manuscripts. Additions, rewrites or comments on all the published text is very welcome.

like to share your images? >

Mail all images/etc... in highest possible resolution. Please never use photos taken off the net or elsewhere, unless rendered unrecogniseable.

like to share your videos? >

Please use "origami republika village tv presents" in the title, as this will increase the searchability within the various online communities (myspace, youtube, vimeo etc.). Please also send us a version (mpeg4, avi) for our archives. We also need help transferring video tapes from HI8 and VHS to digital.

like to arrange an origami event? >

See Klubb Kanin > Arrange something including at least one origami republika constellation in your area, feel free to invite anyone else...

disclaimer >

Origami Republika is a non-profit organisation to be filed under: culture/otherness/origami

This web hotel is provided by TEKS.NO.

All material on these pages is public domain (common license agreement), please quote, copy, spread, add or eat.

An effort is made to see to it that there is no externally copyrighted material being included in this web index, but should you react to the use of anything, please contact us initially.

There are no direct sales or profit made via any of these pages, the exception is the sales of secondhand and complimentary records from the "headquarters" supporting the daily network expenses (blanks, postage, printing etc...).

Any similarity to real persons or characters is entirely coincidental. The views reflected within this archive are not necessarily shared by our web host TEKS.

1.3.3 HELP NEEDED > requests from the headquarters >

buy us hours for archivating >

This archive work has no funding nor income, and can only be worked on spare time. You can help buy work hours by buying new or second hand records from both the origami subunits and the archivators' private boxes of barely used records by a multitude of artists, from all sorts of styles (normal music, even). He is also selling his own visual art and acoustic laptops > HERE

do you run (or know) a good label? >

There will always be unreleased audio material in our vaults here.

audio archive >

To be able to complete the back-up archive we could do with help transferring tapes (cassettes and dats) to cdr, no need for track sequencing, as every track will be remastered. You will bathe in free sounds in return.


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