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18 YEARS & LEGAL prescript / 2008

18 Years & Legal Anniversary

"My life would have been exactly the same without the existance of Origami Republika"

"We have no idea who we are, what we are and where we are at the moment."

The above quotes came in as i - your coordinator, asked people to add stuff in time for our 18 year anniversary.
Over the last year requests to become agents have come from even more unrelated circuits, "we" are no longer friends-of-friends, but someone-who-stumbled-across-our-adress somewhere out in the big blue. That these new people want to join is further proof that this is no longer "my work" (as tore boe) or any gang of people hanging out with each other all the time.

We have seen the full return of yours truly, now under the or_/boe moniker, with the "acoustic laptops" as icebreaker and with a worklog to fill in each and every direction.

I know - (i try i try) - revving up for la grande fiesta. Of inexplicable reasons a ticket to Berlin was forwarded your humble coordinaTore, so it will take place there... At this point we have no idea what venue will book us, making it even more interesting... Otra véz; mekthoub, it has been written...

First-hand experiences count dearly: Trolls burst in sunlight.

A lot of long-promised releases are now being copied and shared. I know i would have lost patience with us long time ago - but wait; just the fact that nothing is forgotten means that real hard effort has been put into completing all older ideas before setting out for new...

"Da Tore flyttet til Syden insisterte jeg på å ta over Origami-arkivet. Han kunne funnet på å brenne det i en rituell handling, vet du, ler Marhaug." - Lasse A73, Ballade

"Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought.
It always defeats order, because it is better organized."
- Terry Pratchett

Oh lordy-lord, this is the run-up...

"All whitenoise is always perfectly in tune... Strangely all-white noise is not..." - Karen Elliott A97

Shamelessly declare that i´m in love with my current all-at-random-everyday mp3 collection. Thanks to all of you who fed it. For me it´s yet again time to get rid of all physical copies, and the thought of exchanging it for origami work-hours - ¡hombre! - i hope will be of benefit to many of you.

"Ulv! Ulv!" - Aaa

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