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ThB nett Manifesto
Information leaflet on the ThB nett Sculpture that later became the first part of the KomKol Autoprod, published 1992:

Open Letter To Those Who Do

The ThB nett Sculpture is an experiment seeking to make a different sculpture, based on the process of making/releasing 23 products. Most of the products are and will be available from ThB nett/dBUT.

...we only pay our respect to the gods that gave us the possibility to grow our own gardens...

Some products are only available from other labels, and some are strictly limited. The ThB nett Sculpture includes several types of recordings/music: mirroring the process of listening/associating, words (mostly in Norwegian, absolutely abstract to all foreign tongues), visual material such as collages, montages, mail art etc... The aim being to check and recheck all the phenomenas of working in the spontanous indie-indie scene. Documentation of all spectres of this process is our aim: friendship, non-profit orientation and hard work are our methods by choice.

...eternity lasts the longest...

So, the ThB nett Sculpture is about to be summarized, hopefully a collection of the best material (in a wide open sense of the expression) will come out of this, joined by a book/booklet documenting the philosophies, mechanisms, pros and cons, emotions, practics and the craftmanship behind/inside this already interactive sculpture (due to further remixing/cut-up of included material/rereleases of tapes on other labels etc.).

Even though the tapes include all sorts of music, the main focus will be on the use of montage, collage and cut-ups as means to rip up the choking view on everyday majik, coincidence, amateurism and spontanety that rule among too many socalled artists today. And since so many types of music are included, it is important to find out what they have in common, to cross-examine all the strange emotions that occur when you create music or sound, no matter what kind.

...the process will be described later on...

The last few pieces of the Sculpture are about to be fitted in (read: released), but due to the impressing results of this Studium Generale: the joy of receiving exclusive material, the effect of making these recorethings available or the mystique of making them limited, the feeling of being creative in a way that soothes Time, we feel enduced to continue with a new Sculpture: this time called KomKol (after the first ThB label who released one tape in 7 copies in the fall of 1990). This time there will be more viewable material (pictures/video/film) included, more writings in English and more booklets of various kinds.

Please do not hesitate to mail us any kind of material, the Sculpture is open...

KomKol would appreceate extended communication and interaction from around Gaia.

Old proverb:

...what you put in is what you get out...

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