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+ [then] And at the same time beams are exploding everywhichway, memories of the past shattered like paper shreds randomly spread over the rapidly sketched map. Almost unheard recordings is being made available (again). This is good news, adding perspectives, planes and hues to - [thebigpicture]

= [when] And at the same time adding NO TIME to - [thebigpicture], seeing how I can´t afford it being out of the well-oiled circuits. Winter seasons as bartender. Summer season as father. But beat by beat, byte by byte we´re getting somewhere. Await next year´s 20th anniversary and expect parts of the archive to become downloadable.

- [now] And at the same time a lot of new material is made NOW - new tones in the form of folklore, poetry, entertainment... A lot of new people are acting up on the idea, and their backgrounds are still as varied as their expressions. And at the same time more words are constantly being added to the basic concept, outlining the - [thebigpicture]

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