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"We hold these truths to be self-evident..."

+ 01) why join the origamism, or are you surprised to find yourself listed?

- and sailing on effort whole related for origami or participation substances.
- Multiple-Folding space appeals- I found I was...
- the creation of or_/traumatika
- always in labour at hard places
- because the chaos of origami represents the bigger chaos that is The Chaos.
- no
- I always wanted to be part of the origamism, since I heard about in the middle of the nineties.
- I think I can contribute with some wisdoms(?) about life, art, sound, water, salt, bread. And so on. And I also want to work with other origamist (a big orgy is always nice)
- utmostly surprised
- i want to take all skinhead isolationist bedroom composers down with me, or up, dependent of the outcome
- after the origamism became something way out of my control, i really felt like re-joining, and YES the most surprisesest guy in this whole game is me
- to spread the psychosis
- Because physical isolation is okay if you are part of something bigger.
- I joined because it seems to me this OR thing was this huge noncorporeal entity that made me horny and i wanted to penetrate it. It sounded like something fun i could relate to, and in general struck some cords within some parts of this local organism behind this keyboard here. Also I got to play my first live gigs (if you don't count the myriads of accordeon concerts i did as a kid and one concert at an attic at some eat the rich festival) at the magnificent Klubb Kanin (which I now help arrange pretty regulary). To put it short; I joined because it just made sense!
- I do origami, and i thought it only right that the Origami should get some origami going on.
- It was meant to be. Fate.
- stikki thinking. we were surprised the first time & we still are. we like iniatives.
- I joined because I liked the idea of an independent music / art scene, it was like joining something like dada, but too late!
- To spite my hermetic nature.
- I was part of the Neuborg / Neubauten subunit created by Mr Slegg.
- I'm not surprised...and I think once you have been involved in the Origami you are always a member of Origami.
- Very surprised, even though I probably joined it myself. But when I think of it I really enjoy joining almost everything joinable by my very own standards...which are equal...to joining...an organism.
- some years ago, when i met the origamis I was really surprised by the concept around but firstly for the expression, i listened some music, some colours, some word... and i went very estimulated with these. since some years also being intersted in the open platforms, and here i met two friends working in his own. i respect origami republika 'cause i find some common cultural interests, very interesting works, really fresh and free, and with true ecleticism. and an interesting base coordination between a lot of points of the globe...

= 02) best, worst or first origamemory:

- Wooden box of sound - laptop without power -paper clips as thumb piano; werds sound
- the creation of or_/traumatika
- Deep into reason. a few years so far into this areas of creation.
- origami evening at ...
- First: reading about a tour in england, with or_/replika in a swedish noise-fan-magazine.
- Best: meeting or_/traumatika on a swedish island. - Worst: haven't happened yet.
- none at all
- having wild wilder sex with not only myself listening or_/storika's "autonome miltante sensualität" on cassette after seeing them play it as intro for The Jungle Medics in Köln 1992
- taking the train with the or_/arktika bass-player the day after a report from our music-fair naked morning showcase gig was shown on Slovak national tv news when an old woman gave us a warm friendly smile of recognition
- or_/replika opening for Einstürzende Neubauten, London 1997
- Worst, finding out I'd been pronouncing ---- wrong for six years...
- First; The first "experience" = KK sommer 2004, at UFFA, where i played live as ----...
- Best; ALL the klubb kanin's i've been to/helped arrange.
- Worst; All the times documenting the KK's i've been a part of arranging went bad, either because of personal error or equipment malfunction.
- i had only a passing interest in doing origami, until i found myself under a lot of stress and did it in lieu of any more destructive fretful activity.
- as for the collective, my main memories of it are simply scrolling through the long list of agents to find people i know.
- Hanging out at --- Folk Festival with or_/arktika. Sunny days, incredibly long alpine horns and warm music.
- beggining of theatrikals. the revealing personal agendas. snow & bikini tans.
- Best was or_/arktika at --- folk festival .
- Worst was right after our main gig at the festival (for half an hour...!..).
- Kissing ---- during a snowfall in April 2001.
- Having our split mp3 single released was cool. and being on the 16 years CD.
- letter I got from Per D:but A11 wich mentioned Origami and the little italian tour
- especially the day Origami played the small village with the stupid and armed guys from carabinieri.
- Origami Galaktika!
- great! by now i've no alternative or constructive critics, maybe working in or with this is when you can improve it...
- good execution.

- 03) basic or personal motive for creation:

- Negate the TV machine - personal media for all
- disharmonik love
- first time requesting support to the or_/republika, though a few years since i´ve been following theirs iniative. so far our work has grown enough to reach different tendrils of the Tree, and demands certain care and alike attention.
- needed more artistic outputs. origami seemed very open ended
- Hate, love, life, the sea. Birds. People. The nature. The city. O: my mind/ brain/ body just make things, out of...the above mentioned things... and everything that flies past.
- boredom & hubris
- yes
- motives are for sissies, but i like to see the origamism as our fairy-land, so...
- to keep the demons at bay
- Allow others to feel less lonely.
- The wholy guardian angel Nils Tibor of Harx Bula, and his minions of Err Mbx. And like.. stuff and shit... Basically it's more of something just going on, it's not something i need to have a motivation to do....
- stress relief!
- It’s simple, create or die. What option do I have? Become part of the cog? Become an even more BORING part of the cog than I already am?
- gestureing space.
- I just want to make music / art that I like .. and hope that other like it to.
- Mine is a conduit for deathless energy and creativity.
- I just have to.
- the only way to survive day by day.
- The drive.
The drive that shouts.
The drive that shouts inside me
inside my head
- croar
- "if you take it out of your head, you can look it in front of you, you can talk with "him" "her" "it"... you can crash or love it or... you can evolute, learn and decide..."
- by otherway i love anti-art and make incomodear, molestar, but i like hard works i'm shy and subtile
- the error, maybe is my big inspiration and salvation jejej
- andy kaufmans flavour, hugo ball, lautreamont ...

+ 04) motive for participation & exchange in general:

- unpredictable exchange and connection - rewire the radio to receive and transmit new freqencies
- dissociation
- always interested in spreading in erisian ways, most of all we are very interested in the development of citizens and fair travellers.
- express yrself
- Having a good time with people of all sorts. Making the world a better place. Contribute with some art or mystical/non-bizarre things from the surroundings or whereever I might be. Or similar. Or something completely else. Also want to exchange things, from other origamists, to build things of.
- boredom & hubris
- i collect things that others do, causing me trouble many times over, i have to give back some
- survival
- knowledge through osmosis, solace through psychosis
- To make myself feel less alone.
- I see ur profile on internet and want to meet u i think u hot, I am hotguy.
- it's a good way for a quiet introverted person to nevertheless have some human interaction.
- I believe in people. Sad as it may seem, I believe in relating responsibly to and with other people.
- no reason hidden or apparent to leave kraft unnoticed, even, when its selfishly prepared.
- To be part of an uncomercial art movement .. joi of making art with other ..
- Posterity.
- I just have to.
- esperience other prospectives, don't think about money, pleasure pleasure pleasure.
- Collaborations are the primal need of man. And I love it.
- crecer, aprender, divertirse, descubrir, creer...

= 05) related interests in arts, philosophy, music or other fields of culture:

- con-mergence with the whole- beyond: Art,magick,technology,religion
- love
- drawings, maps of function, a dizzy girl. arts, most days busy in same areas, last work was a scam & and i got mugged.
- european, asian movies, trashy but good movies, the movie movements movie-movies. philosophy: buddha, zen, hindu old stuff, plus some more contemp.phil.
- I love to go by bicycle. And to canoe..(is that the right word?) Studying music composition right now and reading some very interesting texts about music science/philosophy. I think I will survive.
- all the above, too lazy now to specify
- no
- everything at the crossing. poetry and painting.
- outsider art, writings of the mentally ill, hardcore, punkrock, early industrial, drone, ambient, ancient mythology & spirituality
- Lately mini-comics. I mean the music thing goes without saying...
- Yes. I feel the quantum world reflected in our every day life. I think feedback in general appears one of the most crucial concepts when it comes to "un-derstanding" like, everything and stuff....
- obscure music and movies; i personally do black and white film photography and developing; i am a book fiend who studyied fiction writing in college but no longer write.
- I am going to have plenty of time to do this now that I have decided that one of my other major interests, football, is dying a death at the hands of capitalists, crooks, fakers and low-lifes.
- elektricality, charcoal, digitality (in its every ways), phonetiks & iniatives.
- .. dada .. dada ... mertz ... the fuck-the-comercial-music-industy movement..
- Three centuries of violent cinema. Literalism. Rational humanism.
- ...films and documentaries krim bok svalbard graphic and illustration porn soundtracks vinyl fetish politic berlin.......
- Whatever comes around that makes my brain wonder, or a feeling of being challenged. How can you fit that into a box?
- cut'up, collage... for example vieodrome and the new flesh... Movies and Shows: narciso ibañez serrador, cronenberg, ingmar bergman, shinya tsukamoto, dario argento, melies, jim jarmusch, quay bros., wim wenders, norman mclaren, antony balch, derek jarman, barry purves, jodorowski, lynch, scott reynolds, terry gilliam, karim hussain, herzog, tobe hooper, chaplin, tod browning, orson welles, harryhausen, clive barker, sergio leone, györgi pálfi, yevgeny yufit, veit helmer ... leo bassi, xavier sabater, lucas abela, marcel.lí antúnez, human trash/la pell del llavi. Music: liquidthorn, dodheimsgard, ministry, origami republika, autopsy protocol, don simón y telefunken, coil, marc ribot, snog, foetus, mouse on mars, pluramon, tom waits, bulbul, stockhaussen, étant donnés, thurston moore, lee ranaldo, ikue mori, zeena parkins, throbbing gristle, michael gira, john zorn, masonna, merzbow, kknull, whitehouse, kaada, francisco lópez, p.a.l, people like us, godflesh, esplendor geométrico, art of the theremin, fetish69, venetian snares, derek bailey, gorgoroth, miles davis, matmos, six organs of admittance, mike patton, today is the day, neil young, soundgarden, morphine ... Books: burroughs, guy debord, deleuze/guattari, borges, ray bradbury, jg ballard, vila-matas, lipovetsky, hugo ball, nietzsche, alfred polgar, slawomir mrozek, isaac asimov, lewis carrol ... and a lot forgotten...

- 06) less obvious or non-related interests:

- Wind sailing in water - circuit47 fading out of transmission
- bugs
- maps of function & wrong doings. swimming, drinking, tekno, rock, flesh, dumbopathy.
- I like fighter airplanes (even though I'm a pacifist and a trädkramare / environmentalist). I still recognize the most fighter airplanes in the world. And some traffic airplanes too. Listen to euro-trance (music)
- astronomy & clairvoyance
- stamps made for the freed soldiers in poland after ww2
- hard-core dylan live fetish is one, everything that is counted in percent, dancing to reggae and salsa
- travel as psychotherapy
- The only sport I enjoy watching is American Football...
- Less obvious, hmmm...: Entertainment in general (tv-series/ movies/ youtube-clips/ books/ magazines/ pictures/ computergames/ whaevah). Nature, food, gadgets, universes, etc...... I'd say it's going out on a limb calling anything "non-related" though.
- food? vegetarian cooking.
- Just about everything. I feel inquisitive.
- films - anarchism - anti-imperialism.
- Boomerangs. Milk in glass bottles. Hidden theatres. Tufted 'greebles. Ejaculatory incompetence.
- bike (no oil)... cross country ... food and wine...
- Streets of Bodø.
- Simple poetry.
- SF.
- Ireland.
- Vinyl.
- walk by the forest
- kaleidoscopes.

+ 07) a few words on your background, education, daily work or such:

- Avoidance, Observance, Radar, strategies recycle of decayed substances.
- need ekstra thrust and sustentation for my labour & werk. my area of disenvolving is a really hursh Silo. we dont feel like our intenshuns so far should depend on it. will be comforting, to know where to reach it, alltid. so far lays in several net buckets, net servers & digital receivers. when not in synn discution. yet so far we build up a musikal record & needs to be shown, until we build a payd scenary for.
- literature/art/music studies.
- Works with electro-acoustic music, free improvised elektronika, noise/ industrial music, Visual arts: everything plus performance/ actions. Film-making, choreography/ contemporary dance. Non profit work in theaters, festivals, concerts, cultural societys etc. Have been doing some webdesign, graphic design and a lot more. Writings.
- over-qualified & under-estimated
- school drop out so health-risky factory worker then fired and now dj-ing mostly
- i do alot of things in addition to trying to keep track on the origamism. daily work yes, for seventeen years
- artist (painter) and assistant director of an art gallery
- I used to take drugs a lot when I was young. I dropped out of college to start ---- Records. I load boxes into contoured containers for aircraft for money.
- I study music technology. I come from rather "non-artsy" background, have been doing music my own about 10 year, before that i play accordeon as kid. I work as office assistant, and as part time secretar at central operating table at mental institution, and i free lance, a bit, both as artist and as manual labour you might say... I'm also best male prostitute in whole of Norway.
- i'm full of doubt about all my current/future choices, but i'm moving across the country this week to work for google. this means dropping out of the music industry, and hopefully regaining some free time for more hobbies such as origami and photography.
- "They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom, for trying to change the system from within." - Leonard Cohen.
- arts; heavy background on history, Drawing, Fotography & Painting. some Culinary sense of taste.
- music-hung-up-background, self-educated mucician, art-technician & webdesigner.
- Barely graduated high school. The work proceeds apace.
- university master and work in television as a producer or something similar
- Child. Student. Taxi driver. UN Soldier. Factory worker. Traveler. Social worker. Supervisor. Father. Husband. Provocative artist.
- liquidthorn, la muñeca autómata, grisú dialéctico... i wanted to sudy psicology or sociology finally i studied audiovisual production for 2 year, 1 year of postproduction and some seminaris: polipoetics, sound landscapes, interactive lab ... i worked 4 years in the video studio, near the petroquemical complex. two big monsters (i feel i stayed 4 years in his stomach; interesting social study to do. true manipulation for the global village). now i work professionally for a small studio. by now my things are out of the work. my girlfriend, my true inspirations, my "my work" (i also collaborate with my girlfriend in some theatre acts, friends projects...), my "my head?"....

= 08) wishes, prayers or hopes:

- yourself to exchange space subject yourself power TV you box transmit to music Dead the worst arts strategies of whole chore the words subject daily or hopes
- Mechanical/electronic prayer machines designed to free the human subject from this chore -godless prayer - I wish I had more time to complete all the tasks I have set myself.
- survival without conformity
- interest alike, personal philosophys should remain somehow personal, discusable though not an imposition. glad about musikk, moodable indeed.
that everything stops working
- Peace on earth. Peace to me. And all others in the or_/network.
- i do not tell
- phishes, payers or dopes
- to remain in the eye of the storm
- That I can make enough money on my art that I can actually dedicate enough time to it to do it properly. The older I get, the less glamorous being a "starving artist" seems to be.
- That 2012 will be fun time! I hope to sort of keep evolving without revolving or devolving or prevolving or stuff. I hope the world aint going totally to shit. I don't pray, but I wish the average level of stupidity on this planet would decrease a bit... given that world peace is impossible, i wish that people would be able to articulate their thoughts and motivations clearly, to be able to explain themselves, if not justify their actions. that lucky (privileged) people could see that they are so, and that people who care about non-violence would extend this to their food choices.
- I don’t pray; I don’t believe, I do wish; they rarely come true and I live in eternal hope. It’s tiring.
- "if the fool persist on his folly - he will become wise".
- I wish our new album "trollebotn" would come out soon.
- Dreamless sleep, hermeticism, contrarianism, and meditation on the repose of the soul...
- I'd like to create or_/asterism. I have new art - music for the world!
- stop war(s) stop bush play loud have fun
- Peace. Tranquility. Green and red. Childrens happiness.
- destruction and creation (sometimes it depence of the day) "peace". true actionism ... work in a documentary.

- 09) slogan, motto, credo:

- Without conscious effort (Cult of the Dead Lightbulb)
- mu; po.
- njaalkeme, ¡ o'yes, pull me trickiegnosys !
- do it now!
- "Det som gjorde det ännu jobbigare var inte bara att musiken var så hög, utan att den var så konstig."
- (i think you and me and my wife are the only downloadable people in myspace)
- live, love, lave & louvre
- never shave your balls with a haircutter
- hostis humani generis
- lately, "whatever"
- Gief more puns! Hail MBX!
- i have too much doubt to have one of these, but i suppose i've always tried to follow socrates, and lead the "examined" life.
- Nothing. Just nothing.
- ...to The Devil his Due. been using the phone lately?
- The magic is all in your head.
- I put the "jism" back into "neologism".
- I will leave my motto here when i can remember it.
- don't think about it - please it.
- No Boundaries!
"Cerrad los ojos, sinó, no vereis nada" - Alice Svankmajer

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