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origami addictika > noise, drone > tags | bio
origami all-stars > the inevitable jam sessions > tags | bio
origami antarktika > droney south polar sounds > tags | bio
origami arktika > ambient neofolk ensemble > tags | bio
origami artitika > repeated spelling error > tags
origami ballistika > AIA actions, mail art, street art, majik > tags | bio
boe > sound, visuals, text, action > tags | bio
origami ekonomika > support fund, selling private record collection, origami releases and art > list
origami feminista > street art, photo, video > tags | bio
origami galaktika > ambient & acoustic flagship > tags | bio
origami grafika > visuals, mail art, street art, design, microgallery > tags | bio
origami gurk > post-psychedelia > tags | bio
origami h e r r e gud+ 'best politics scumpunx band ever' > tags | bio
origami KA > electro-acoustic duo > tags | bio
origami kaffi & såpe > lower music duo > tags | bio
origami kaførrnokka > noise trio > tags | bio
origami kalima > art'n'punk dub sound system > tags | bio
origami kanaria > children´s art & music > tags | bio
origami metallika > noiseworks > tags | bio
origami olympika > noise, drone > tags | bio
origami pianistika > piano and other derivates > tags | bio
origami replika > happynoise
> tags | bio
origami robotikii > exozoorealistik dark ambient, glitch & psykidelika > tags | bio
origami satanika > darkdrone/noise duo > tags | bio
origami skrika > screaming performance > tags | bio
origami stjernetåka > floating ambience > tags | bio
origami tacet > double-bass and acoustic laptop duo > tags | bio
origami teknika > industrial, techno, ambient, hiphop > tags | bio
origami uniomystika > central europe > tags | bio
origami vokstervisse > traditinal Norwegian vocals (kveding) > tags | bio
origami wolf > legendary noise vessel > tags | bio
origami 2re > master of unperformance & failures > tags | bio

to be added to this online archive >

origami aa/agents anonymous™ > noise album therapy participate
origami afrika > Wordgame take-over
origami akustika > One-off musical session take-over
origami algebra > Music, duo, material awaited
origami amika > Music, solo & sit-in
origami anarchika > Music, droney noise duo
origami angelika > Spoken word, soundscapes, ballet, ritual
origami antibiotika > Straight-X response
origami apathetika > One-off broken techno remixing
origami artika > The ultimate origami arktika bootleg page
origami audiliska > Soundscape for sound installation
origami automatika > Art militsia, explosives, impact sculpture

origami binarika Noisescapes
origami body Coordinatore's text and performances
origami bondepraktika Noise noise noise
origami botanika Flowershow, pure symbolism

origami cannibalistika Noiseworks
origami caustika Soundscapes, video, actions
origami christianssand Soundscapes, pantomime, "agderblues"
origami chupacabras Extreme vocal noise solo
origami cinematika Short movies, violin
origami cuca Whipped cream and cucarachas, canary noise duo

origami disharmonika Music speaking the unspeakable
origami diskordika Undercover disinformation group take-over
origami dramatika Ad-hoc theatre installation, 2007

origami eksotika Ritual music and dance performances
origami elastika Listing our closest allies
origami elektonika Primal low-brow electronics
origami elliptika Audio literalism, action
origami emergencyka Noiseworks
origami epeleptika Bad taste and ridiculous song-writing
origami ergonomika Lo-fi impro unit
origami erotika Pc erotica. Manifesto, music, secret pages
origami erratika new 2006
origami eureka

origami fanatika The Official origami Fan Club
origami filmklubbika Used by unknown take-over
origami forzinka The "sorry for all delays"-page
origami furiusvaka - Video editors/performance group (Catalania/Spain)
origami fururama - One-off drunk cameo take-over

origami genitalia Dark demolished noisescapes
origami gotika Event deco, fetish fashion shows
origami gotlandica Noisescape duo
origami grammatika The Word Machine, cut-ups

origami hairy Extreme vocal noise solo
origami heathertoesoatica Drone Noise Ambient Hubert Heathertoes A282
origami hijos del tiempo Musical crypto-action
origami hungarika Elegant ambient electronic duo
origami hurdygurdika Folk music for music folk
origami hypnotika Digitaltronic trancemospheres

origami iberika Electronic solo project
origami imminim Noise, improvisation, collaboration
origami inertia Post-most, neoprimitive scum noise
origami ios Music/visual art, annual focused collaboration

origami journalistika We have our own agents in the field

origami kaffe Acoustic Guitar and natural or found atmospheres
origami kafka Never-ending loop traps solo
origami kalendar Important dates in the our_/story bookworm
origami KAos & Kva Post-industrial noisescape solo
origami kashika ---
origami klassika Permutated classical music solo
origami klokka Words on alternative time bookworm
origami kronika Soundscapes solo

origami lca Anonymous micro-electronica duo
origami leksika Self-evidently a source of reference bookworm
origami lorika Lo-fi guitar dronings, vocals solo

origami magika Lo-fi / eccentric electronica solo
origami malebariska Lo-fi / eccentric electronica duo
origami maximalistika Resident remixer solo
origami metic Mimetic (fr) meeting origami galaktika Ambient soundscapes
origami minimalistika Tones and drones solo
origami museika Traditional Norwegian folk music
origami muzika AIA sounds

origami neuborgspouters Interacting agents @ neubauten.org
origami northamerika Folk / songwriting solo

origami olympika Sport, religion, noisescape trio
origami ophidia Unrealised band unit of origami northamerika
origami opna Sound collage solo
origami origamika Sound collage solo
origami ozigami Temporary zone text

origami paprika Private dinner club, internal band therapy bookworm
origami pharmaceutika
origami plastilina Drawings
origami poetika Words, lyrics, poetry, narrations
origami politika Political signature, actions without party line bookworm
origami popolo Poetic performance one-off
origami [postalaudika] Internal sound exchange, mp3 remakes
origami potential Unrealised work list bookworm
origami psykotika Noiseworks

origami recyklika AIA sounds solo
origami repetika Ambient, repetative techno
origami replika (real) Serious academic happynoise
origami replika (SchMerzPønkDaDa) Bad scumpunk technoise
origami replika (new aka John Hegre's...) Modern "trance" music
origami R.I.P.lika Scum noise ritual ceremony one-off
origami robotnika All unpaid cultural work bookworm
origami romantika Music for weddings
origami ropotanika NEW

origami saanncirka Dronescapes (Stavanger, Norway)
origami saturatika Grind/noise/post solo (Gran Canaria, Spain)
origami sjokoladeKA Radio clips on National Broadcasting (Trondheim, Norway)
origami skandimaffia Imaginary traditional folk music
origami skandinavia Extremely gay noise duo
origami sonika Soundscapes, drones one-off trio
origami southamerika Soundscapes, guitar impro, remixing
origami statika Trans-atlantic feedback loops
origami sterioso Sounds sent on anonymous cd-rs
origami stokka One-off session ending in an mp3 album
origami storika A retrospective tag for 1990-1993
origami strangika Soundscapes, sound collage solo
origami subtropika Sound collage activism solo
origami swastika what about the origami Enduring Freedom?
origami sympatika Audience entertainment & comfort
origami synergika Minimal electronic/digital/laptop music
origami sånncirka Cassette duo

origami testicle Noise mrtnplmr A333
origami tomika On-the-spot wordgame
origami tore "Tore H. Bøe" 99-04
origami traumatika Action painting, sound, dolls

origami uansett A few "bands" that was origamic anyway
origami urethrika AIA sounds solo

origami vodka Serving drinks at openings, party recordings

origami wonka Wonky sounds for a wonky world

origami x What must come after

origami 13051826 Private art process & return 99-06

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