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origami robotikii provide unsuspected plates of exozoorealistik dark ambient, glitch & psykidelika cooked by Marcos Peres A259 (with sometime associates Sjdnie Maane, BoogieGurd & Jldrbloom) in Sons Of Tid studio, Chile. A p/art of origami republika though it functions as an independent island.

Audio/video/poetry spread via the web (albums, ep's, single tracks, videos) since 2007. Hard to pick 'em all down, so watcha ut for the kolleckted plates aka: them 9" og 13" plates 1-10 >

revamps & heathen(ism) demmands propper kulture

"Kere 'Bueno', just over the great wall of cultish illusionism, the sum of all possibilities recreates the sharpest of edges. In there, we just want to be one with ourselves. Uke."

"Da svataste lagoon kwekest gutt! if Origami server decided to melt, it will improve to intrude" (proverbs of da black lagoon, kinoley Blossa).

"So far you should be busy-o-visi touring la bambina, eating krimp sandwiches, drinking akua vita... rambling the stages. well anyways, enjoy elle summer... a lot of ubu coming, giftables, downloadables, purchasables, all you want to ask from Olaus-jte. wishing you flan okh poelsner..."

cemeteries are fooled with dead guys

amy still waits for the nation,
an old plane vessel drifts in the breeze.
dusk moist trembles
from the fluttering tails of dogs.
bender i bender.

[If mirror of organize ballerina from, then cup around prays]

cyprus mulch recognize around mortician

Any girl can can be kind to dolphin of,
but it takes a real salad dressing to submarine toward gonad

fearsome igloo dayton candide anamorphic omnibus gnp molt

more origami robotikii > cut-ups & prose > lyrics coming soon

words of Advice]

"..far more important are the words and the symbols, that make up the semantic environment; over the minor Role, governments play, in controlling sheeple; every branch of communication must be infiltrated, to suppress any word, symbol and image that may threat control over the population (that is, anything that may stimulate creative thinking).."

[Logogram, the set of condition verbal habits. Biogram, Health habits. everything in a robots life is determined by the imposition of one those before mentioned, over the other.]

Hopalong Horus, on/about SNAFU principle - revamped

Origami Robotikii & CS Bruneni "Project Magick Eyes Only"

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