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Multi-instrumentalist and composer Jonas Qvale A 196 plays electronic devices, field recordings, audio file editors, self-made instruments, found objects and stolen recordings to create origami antarktika.

The project arose in 2001, when acoustic improv group Hornorkesteret had accumulated a number of strange recordings that were deemed inappropriate for that unit due to digital and analog glitches, phasing problems, fuzz, feedback and clipping.

Jonas A196 of Hornorkesteret saw that this could become a new soundworld unto itself and submitted a track to the CDR compilation CDR comp We Are Hell-Oh?! (2002). This track consisted of wild jamming on reindeer antler instruments and field recordings that had been erronuosly copied between two different-brand MiniDisc recorders, resulting in a strange phasing effect.

By chance, a new soundworld appeared, and eventually a new way of organizing these sounds. The Origami Antarktika began digging into this source material with fresh ears, and expanded to sample other origami units as well as electronical sound sources.

The idea behind Origami Antarktika is: To steal, re-organize and transform samples from other Origami units, from Hornorkesteret, field recordings and many other sources. To freeze down, time-stretch, to punctuate or blur these sounds. To submerge everything in the black waters of Lake Vostok, perhaps never to come back, perhaps to become new soundscapes one day.

The low activity level of this unit is due to extremely cold temperatures. When things are frozen, the atoms don't "die" or stop moving, they just slow waaaay down.

agents >>> Jonas Qvale A196, Fredrikstad, Norway

produce >>> details

You needn't make so much noise about it | Web Single | komkol 321 > info | bandcamp
Saltnesveien | Web EP | komkol 320 > info | bandcamp

Soft Focus Pan/Shadow Investigation | Web Single | komkol 317 > info | bandcamp
Basso Profundo | Web Single | komkol 313 > info | bandcamp
Lost Weekend | CDR EP | komkol 304 > info
Lament | Web Single | komkol 301 > info | bandcamp
Red | Web Ep | komkol 246 > info | bandcamp
Academic Music From Buran | CDR/Web Album | unesco [underground] uh01 > info | .zip
'Red (edit)' on or_/republika: Free 18 Year Anniversary | CDR/Web Album comp | komkol 250 > info | .zip
'untitled low' and 'made in china' on or_/republika: We Are Hell-Oh? | CDR/Web Album comp | Null Spenn Records nswl 05 > .zip

"klubb kanin (playback)" on or_/republika: Live Rough | CDR/Web Album comp | TRASS! anarchives/Ambolthue > info/.zip

live >>>

130720 | Støy På Landet | Hessdalen | Norway
13010? | Blå Grotte | Fredrikstad | Norway
121023 | Klubb Kanin/Blæst | Trondheim | Norway
111229 | FrostFest/Blå Grotte | Fredrikstad | Norway
111104 | Vaterland kompost, kunst og kulturverksted | Oslo | Norway
110709 | Mikrogalleri Nor | Hvaler | Norway
100701 | (gallery opening?) | Fredrikstad | Norway
100521 | Rock On | Fredrikstad | Norway
070812 | Klubb Kanin/Sound Of Mu | Oslo | Norway
050702 | Klubb Kanin/Uffa | Trondheim | Norway

Jonas A196 has also played in or_/boe at the Klubb Kanin 10 Year Anniversary (Oslo) and at the "acoustic laptop" exhibition vernissage at Sound Of Mu, Oslo. He has participated in or_/all-stars several times.

related >>> Hornorkesteret

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