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3" CD/R

order & paypal: origamiboe #at# gmail.com

Cdr/3"cdr/cass/7"/booklets = 5 euro, LP/CD/book = 10 euro, double-cd 15 euro
(Some rare items are auctioned. Buy the cat in the bag; i´ll pick 10 cdrs/albums for 35 euro)

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Origami Arktika : Vardøgr, CD, Silber Records
Origami Arktika : At Røyspytten, 7", Killer Records
Origami Boe : Acoustic Laptops Summercamp Docs - 18 various people involved, CDR, komkol
Origami Boe : Acoustic Laptops - 16 page A5 colour catalogue, M/O/L/D 2008 (Løberg, Qvale, Wjiik, Boe)
Origami Boe : Radiofield B - Cassette, Kassettkultur
Origami Boe : Berlin Wedding, 7" acetate split with Cock ESP, Humbug Records, ltd.ed. 51 copies LAST COPY
Origami Boe/Origami Tacet : Split 10", Humbug Records, ltd.ed. 51 copies
Origami Boe : Omaonotopetokion A+B, CDR, KomKol, ltd.ed. 50 copies

Origami Cannibalistika: s/t - CDR EP, Kjøkkenguiden (Kjetil/Ernesto) LAST COPY
Origami Galaktika : Laos Vegas - ambient music by B9, Roggbiff Records CD
(Origami) KA : 01 - live recording/soundtrack, KomKol CDR
(Origami) KA : 03-02 - live recordings, KomKol CDR
(Origami) KA : 00, 7", M/O/L/D
Origami Metallika : The Noise Of Rust! - noise from Torstein Wjiik, Ambolthue cdr
Origami Replika (real) : Merzbow by Origami Replika - after 9 years!!!, CD, Segerhuva (Marhaug, Boe, Staff-Jensen)
Origami Tore (Tore H. Bøe) : Confessions Of A Poolboy, noise cd, Humbug LAST COPY
Origami Tore (Tore H. Bøe) : Freezer Burn, noise CDR, Humbug Records LAST COPY
Origami Tore (Tore H. Bøe): Melatonin, M/O/L/D 3"CD - three hi-frequency improvs over sleeplessness
Origami Skandinavia : Furet Værbitt - extreme gaynoise - CDR, Humbug (Hatterud, Boe) LAST COPY
Origami Uansett: Nordic Miracle, The : We Shall Provide, Humbug CD (Marhaug/Bøe) LAST COPY
Origami Uniomystika - Jesus Loves You - CDR, Ambolthue LAST COPY
Origami 13051826 (boe): Split with Emmanuel Mieville, 3" CD, TIBProd


Origami Arktika - At Røyspytten, 7", Killer Records
Origami Boe/Cock ESP - Berlin Wedding, 7" lathe, Humbug LAST COPY
Origami Boe/Origami Tacet : Split, 10" lathe cut, Humbug
KA : 00, M/O/L/D 7" - live in poland and outside snippen
Origami Romantika : Seven Inches Of Love, Speeding Across My Hemisphere 7" - lo-fi VU/sister rain covers
Origami Tore (Tore H. Bøe): Knekk, Killer Records 7" - 12 year old glitsch tape with flute and harmonika
Origami Tore (Tore H. Bøe): Sista' EP, 7" multicolour vinyl, M/O/L/D - live New York, Jersey City
Origami Uansett: 2re: UnBoB, Null Spenn Records 7" - dylan tribute cutup/audio catalogue, A22
Origami Uansett: Lasse H Bøe/Tore Marhaug : Scum Noise Renditions, Humbug, 7" lathe-cut - informal meeting


A Final Testimony compilation (feat Tore H. Bøe, etc), 2xCD, Sekuencias De Culto//Tesco
Benytt Denne... - 2xCD COMPILATION, Humbug
Don´t Get Annoyed compilation (feat Orig. Tacet, Kobi, Galaktika, Marhaug), CD, Ambolthue
Fisk På Disc: Fishfingers - (boe-remix), CDR, Ambolthue
Hagstrom, Emil : "Emil & Friends", SunShip CDR - Cock E.S.P.s Emil has included a remix of or_/13051826 material
Hegre, John : Colours Don´t Clash (John A166 a.o. feat. Boe Family), CD, Dekorder
Jazzkammer - Rolex - Remix CD (with several origami agents), CD, Smalltown Supersound
Kobi : Projecto, Silber Records CD norwegian illbient by Kai A80 feat. Boe, Rishaug, Hegre, Clop Neplat, Pogo...)
Kobi : Acousticks, more illbient by Kai A80 (orig. arktika/ka) feat. Boe, Duch, Courtis...) CD, End Of Hum
PUNKT : crime scenes (feat Bøe, Sylvian, Molværetc), CD, Punkt/Jazzland
Quite Quiet Tango compilation (feat Origami Arktika, Bøe, etc), CDR, Astipalea Project

Dalen, Allan : Livets Lek, KomKol Book - reality/psychosis in norwegian
ThB92+++ (Origami Poetika) : Forsvinn Ulne Får! - Book, 1992 collective merznovel in norwegian


Small wooden icons for sale

Acoustic laptops for sale


1/3 Octave Band : Humbug CD
13'31" : Holmvik Brygge Corridor, CD-R when fosen meets a french photographer far north, this happens
4lyn : Husky, Motor CD EP - german rock
A-ha : How Can I Sleep... Live WEA CD not bad this "comeback", songs still firm. Hi-light: I've been losing you.
A-ha : Lifelines... 4 remixes (a.o. by origami agents), CDS, WEA
Afflux : Bouquetot..., Ground Fault CD - Eric Cordier, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Eric La Casa, in-situ sound system
Afflux : Aizier..., Edition CD - More Eric Cordier, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Eric La Casa in-situ sound system
A.F.R.I. Studios: Goodbye If You Call That Gone, Lucky Kitchen CD - excellently crafted German numusik
Andersen, Benny/Dissing, Povl : Svantes Viser, ELAP CD - a true danish songwriter pub classic
Audio-Ethik: s/t, Sound From The Pocket CDR - justin waters A212 1997-2000, usa
Axiomatic Integration : Off-time (audio/video) - Fragmented Media CDR+ - interesting
Bach, Johann Sebastian : Die Orgel, Königin Der Instrumente, Sontel CD - b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l music
Bachev, Ivan : Captures From Work Progress..., TIBProd. CDR, neoelectro/noise
Banda Municipal De Barcelona : Koji Asano/Pascal Comelade/Jacob Draminsky..., Gracia Territori CD - orchestral meetings
Bennink, Han / Ex, Terrie : Zeng!, Terp CD - great freejazz drum and guitar assaults
Bennink, Han / Ex, Terrie : The Laughing Owl, Terp CD - more great freejazz drum and guitar assaults
Bergmark, Johannes/Fahlstrøm, Unn : Mouth-To-Mouth Method, Firework Ed. CD - great improviser in close oral exchange
Bilge Pump : Let Me Breathe, Gringo Records CD, british noisepunkrocktrio
Birdlovers: Noone Hears The Final W, CDR - ahh yeah from Belfast 95-96
Bunel, Régis: Blauer Salon, Vert Pituite La Belle CD - a different approach to saxophone
C-Drik : Dissolution, Hush Hush CD - techno-collage from colleague of John Sellekaers
Carlos, Vanessa, Dino : Old Bombs Zero, Veglia CDR xxx
Cities In Desolation: Soundtrack For Ruins, 1000+1 Tilt CDR - r and i for a live performance
Comforter vs Koff Koff : Hush Hush Money, TIBProd. CDR neoelectro/noise, interesting stuff
Cooder, Ry : Chavéz Ravine, Nonesuch CD - very interesting "musical"...
Cordier, Eric : Digitalis Purpurea, Ground Fault CD - improv from the inventor of the improved hurdy-gurdy
Cordier, Eric/Mukai/Yamamoto : Endiku - Turtle Dream CD - more hurdygurdy-improv
Cordier, Eric - UNACD - CD in 12" Booklet
Courtis : Albúmina Blues, Freedom From CDR - A132 from Reynols/Orig. South Amerika
Crank Sturgeon : Has A Combover Landscape Tapir, private CDR - precise post-NWW noise/collage, well done
Crawling With Tarts : Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7, Pogus CD - with the talents of Michael Gendreau a.o.
Crazy River : Sounds Like A Melon To Me, private CDR - diverse lo-fi/instant composition from P-G A111 of DEL
Dacianos : In A Weird Chalet 04-06, TIH CDR - very intimate songwriter-demos
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe : Some Conceptuasl Obligations..., Pinch-A-Loaf CD - excellent cuts from Guido Huebner
Don Simon Y Telefunken : Música De Vanguarderia, Slow Coloured Records CD - good-spirited näivité from catalania
Duk Unu : The Sound Of Wool Island, CD - Tuvinian music by Imre Peemot
Duvall, Al : Rabbit's Foot Factory, SunShip/Little Mafia CD - swingin' bluegrassy songs, surprise from Cock E.S.P. label
Einsestein : Da Zdravstvuyet Meksika!, Baconia Beings, CDR
Einstürzende Neubauten : 9-15-2000 Brussels, Indigo 2xCD
Einstürzende Neubauten : Perpetuum Mobile Tour - Aarhus, 2xCDR
Einstürzende Neubauten : Perpetuum Mobile Tour - Bremen, 2xCDR
Eminem : The Slim Shady LP Interscope CD perhaps his best still? good kicking.
Estefan, Gloria : Greatest Hits, Epoc CD great 80s kitsch from woman now doing better in latino-dance
Feldmann, Morton by Cikada : The Viola In My Life, ECM CD - beautiful!!!
Fisk På Disk: Fish Slippers (FPD remixed), CDR Krakilsk - cool, w/iversen, hoh, wjiik, pettersen, mystified, s.u.n.)
Formanex : Treatise/Cornelius Cardew, fibrr CD ...
Gendreau, Michael : Vitoj, Ground Fault CD, masterly
Gjerstad, Frode/Brötzmann, Peter : Invisible Touch, Cadenze CD - freejazz-legends in power-collab!
Gradient Communication : V1.8, GradCom CD-R crystal clear digi-glitsch and technish soundscapes in nice cover
Gradient Communication : Cuts + Edits, Live 2004-2006, CDR, Fragmented Media (/incite)
Grigny/Marchand : The Severin Organ CD Great, church organ music from Maastricht
Guionnet & La Casa: Maison.House II.V, Vert Pituite La Belle CD - conceptual saxophone/microphone duets
Hagony: Impersonal Lubricant, Freenoise CDR - Jason Wade and Emil "Cock ESP" Hagström, best scum
Hermit : Urban Myth vs. Common Knowledge, Sounds From The Pocket CD-R cool low-brow from favourite label, folded lp-cover
Hijokaidan : Polar Nights Live, PicaDisk CD - Classic noise on Marhaugs label
Iglodoom : Broken Ghost Of Penniless Wilds, XVP CDR - Hubert Napiorski/Bartek, Kalinka
Incapacitants : Burning Orange, PicaDisk CD - More classic noise on Marhaugs label
Jarboe, The Living... : Disburden Disciple, Self released CD say no more, 2000 album
Jarboe : Dissected - Remixes, Self released CD, Disburden remixes by Lustmord, Bildeaux, DJ Goofuserectus, a.o.
Jazkamer : Eat Shit, Asspiss CD - music more tasty than titles, Marhaug A73/Hegre A166
Jazkamer : Balls The Size Of Texas..., purplesoil CD - sweetscabnoise, Marhaug A73/Hegre A166
Jazkamer / Astro / Hair Stylistics : Motorcycle Fuck..., archive CD - nice threesome, Marhaug A73/Hegre A166
Kalthoum, Oum : Legend Of Arab Music, Retro 2xCD - yes, the very legendary singer (who inspired many, a.o. Dylan)
Kiritchenko, Andrey : Bees & Honey, Zeromoon CD five tracks and 10 remixes (Cascone, Lavelle, Scanner, Violet a.o...)
Kovatlecem : Teufelheit, Baconia Beings, CDR - A250
Logotomistes: Ke-re-kö-o-kokex - CD (Selleakers, C-Drik etc)
Marhaug, Lasse : Alive 1998-2006, Smalltown CD - recommended freeform overlook by A73
Marhaug, Lasse : Nothing But Noise From Now On, CD, Smalltown Supersound
Marhaug, Lasse : ScienceFictionRoomService, CD, Jazzassin - klassikeren
Marhaug, Lasse/Ring : split, CDR, Krank Records 1998 - rare
Marhaug, Lasse : I Can´t Remember Silence, BonBon CDR 1999, 99 copies - ambient!!!
Marhaug, Lasse/Andres Meland : Brakhage, CD Melektronikk
Marhaug, Lasse / Asheim, Nils-Henrik: Grand Mutation, Touch CD - Fine organ drones with noise
Marhaug, Lasse / Cock E.S.P. / Costes / etc : We Would Be Happy - A Noise Opera, CD SunShip/Roggbiff/etc, say no more
Marhaug, Lasse / Galåen, Per Gisle : In-Store, CDR, Humbug, nice meeting between origamists
Marhaug, Lasse / FE-MAIL : All Men Are Pigs, Gameboy CD freeform noise ?
Marhaug, Lasse / Ratkje, Maja : Music For Loving, Bottrop Boy CD freeform noise (Maja of Fe-Mail)
Marhaug, Lasse / Asher, Zev aka The Sleazy Listeners : The Romance Is Over, Squirrelgirl CD sleazecollage even with vocals ?
Martin, Ricky : Life, Sony, CD - strange mix of latino and street-dance
Maskinanlegg : Live In Bergen, Ambolthue CDR - Bjorn A222, great!
Massive Attack : 100th Window, EMI CD - the most mellow album from groovy act so far
Melanie C : Reason, Virgin CD - sporty spice goes alt.rock, not perfect, but nicely breaking down expectations
Mor Monsen : Lastenfound, Ambolthue CDR
Muunnos : Nicho, Baconia Beings CDR
Nono, Luigi : Como Una Ola..., BC CD - fiery antifascist new music opera
Nubla, Victor : Neige, Hrönir CD - what does ambient Nubla sound like live?
ODRZ : 06-03 TIBProd. CDR - industrial noise music
ODRZ : 06-06 TIBProd. CDR - industrial noise music
Pena, Paco : Fabolous Flamenco - super flamenco, CD, Decca
Ratkje, Maja : Voice, Rune Grammofon CD - vocals only, produced by Jazzkammer
Rivulets : Debridement, Chair Kickers' Union CD - more songwriting like this, please, by A180
Rotten Piece : The Short Songs, e.f. CD-R 47 + a medley of 500 songs! from cock esp related label
Salvatore : Tempo, Racing Junior promo-CD - post-rock/krautobanh muzik, A16, A228, A78
Seasonal Concepts : Seasonalize, SunShip/Little Mafia CD songs, actually, pastiche, waits, homerec, sweet from cock esp related label
Sevendal, Fredrik Ness : No Foly Bow - Humbug/Ambolthue CD - well done
Staplerfahrer : SCSI vs ATA, TIBProd. CD-R semiconceptual glitsch
S.U.N (Swamps Up Nostrils/Cadmium Dunkel) : S.U.N.C.D., CDR Krakilsk - A231
Swamps Up Nostrils : TIBProd CDR - A231
Swamps Up Nostrils /Guignol Dangereux : Shitbreaker, Krakilsk CDR - A231
Swamps Up Nostrils / Pyogenic : Chasers/Screamers, Krakilsk CDR - A231
Swamps Up Nostrils/Animal Machine/Aatmaa : Deatroy All Artifacts, Krakilsk CDR - A231
Tafjord, Hild Sofie : Kama, PicaDisk CD - fine work from Spunk-member on Marhaugs label
Tape Rape : Rape Those Ears, Rape CDR - attacks from ambolthue's Wjiik A268
Thaw : Merely Idiosyncratic Pigglets..., SimLog CDR, Napiorski on acoustic laptop...
Toft, Sten Ove : Landmark, Humbug CDR, live noise
U2 : Best Of 1990-2000 CD you know 'em, accept 'em or even like some of 'em songs
U Can Unlearn Guitar : No Strings, Breathmint/Yelpco/Little Mafia/SunShip CD from cock esp related label
Unconditional Loathing : Cornholecopia, Breathmint/Ignivomous/Little Mafia/SunShip CD from cock esp related label
Urawa: The Most Boring Thousand Years Of My Life, Falling Elevators CD - Sellekaers with Moreau, fine fine
V./Ultra Milkmaids : Drone+Unease, Zeromoon CD classical noise from Jeff Surak's label
V. (Surak/Guggino) : 'stYe, Zeromoon CD-R drums/hurdygurdy, noise
Veliotis/Kaasbøll/Duch : The Sea Looks Green When The Sky Is Grey, Sofa CD - acoustic drones inc. A192
Violet/Borisov, Alexei/Gendreau, Michael : Bogatiri - Live In Russia, Zeromoon CD - masterly meeting
We : Smugglers, Nun Music CD+VID - norw. progrock
Wrong : In The..., SunShip/Betley/Freedom From/Climax/Ignivomous 2xCD more freenoisejazz from cock esp related label
Xingu Hill : Alterity, Hymen CD skilled and delicately produced ambient-techno-collage from John Sellekaers
Xingu Hill/m2 : This Anxious Space, Hymen CD skilled and delicately produced ambient-techno-collage from John Sellekaers ?
Young, Neil : Live Oslo Konserthus 2003, xxx 2xCD-R excellent sounding full acoustic concert, great stuff
Young, Neil : Chrome Dreams II, CD Reprise, nice "comeback"

3" CD/R >>>

Alluvion : Alluvium 2, Aesova
Bjerga, Sindre : Tales From Topographic Oceans, TIBProd - A263
Bjerga, Sindre/Iversen, Jan-M : Compromised Songs - A263 + A179
Borisov, Alexei/Surak, Jeffrey : Ulitsa Novatorov, Zeromoon
Dangereux, Guignol : 40n43 74w0, TIBProd
deWaard/Roden/Stezer/Salinas/Bayer : aenviron one, Aesova
Ellende: The Proof Is In The Pudding, Zeromoon
Feathered Friends : Inchworm, Feathered Friends - A192
Freiband : Martin, TIBProd (deWaard)
Insects With Tits : ---, TIBProd
Jazzkammer : New Water, ohm records - A73/A166
Jazzkammer : Sound Of Music, ohm records - A73/A166
López, Francisco/Colley, Joe : Knowing When Not To Know, Antifrost
Mixturizer : Agoniacustica, Ambolthue - canarian noise!
Neumann, Andrea : Innenklavier, A Bruit Secret
Profundo Tormento : Profundo Tormento, Isolated Society - de Gran Canaria
Pur Desir : Pieces Premier, Isolated Society - de Gran Canaria
Sound_00 : micronoise, TIBProd
Violet: Let The Sunshine In, Zeromoon
Violet/Shifts : Resita Mold, Zeromoon (deWaard/Surak)
Walz, Michael : Vestige Vertical, demo

VINYL >>> Should be some classic collector's items here, so for once i take bids.

Dossiers II - Comp with MUNCH, Frontline Assembly, Controlled Bleeding (bud over 500)
Kaptein Kaliber - Pop Ultra 2 - Tellé (Jazkamer's John Hegre a.o.)
Kiling Ha Muerto - COMP (Smell&Quim, Melt Banana, Evil Moisture, Cock ESP)
Ludwig Von 88 - La Mission (french punk)
Slowburn - What Else Is You... (Arktika's Per-Gisle)

Ring/Black Bomne Chapel - Split
Syrens - Comp Of Women's Noise And Experimental - Flenix Brimming Vessels

Anal Babes - Fear And Loathing With.. - 7" transp. - Straitjacket (trbngr-kompiser)
Ashtray Navigations - Last Kiss Amateur Frequencies - 7" - Gameboy
Aube - Maze Head Shift - 7" - Pain Art/Bawler (konkret)
Birchville Cat Motel - 7" red vinyl - Killer Records
Burt, Matt - What Will The Title Be? - 7" - Apartment (origami-agent, ref: motorpsycho)
Bøyen Beng - Brett Ut Og Bøyen Tilbake - 7" - Siri Rekkårdz
Cirkus Gilmour - Tre På Natta - 7" i bag - Lundberg Musikkselskap (agderblues)
Column One - Was Sonst Mir Verborgen - 5" lathe - Romantic
Crank Sturgeon - 7" - Humbug Records (slapstick noise)
DEL/The Four - Play Sonic Youth - 7" picture disc! - Killer Records (origami-agents)
Dunkelheit - More Than Meets The Third Eye - Suggestion (industrial, origami-agenter)
Gebhardt/Home Groan - A Tribute To Jack The Squirrel - 7" - Apartment
Humid - Spaceman Spliff - 7" i batikk-pose, lyseblå vinyl - Suggestion (origami-agenter)
Illusion Of safety - Beatiful Moments In Four Minutes - 5" lathe - Like an Everflowing Steam
Inka Eyeball - Leave The Country - 7" - Betley Welcomes
Jungle Medics - 7" - Knallsyndikatet (redhotchillimetal-rock, origami-agent)
Manipura (Neil) - Vessels For The Infinite - 7" - Speeding Across My Hemisphere (origami-agent)
Marhaug, Lasse/The Violet Grind - Dead electronics - 7" - Disaster Area (origami-agent)
Marhaug, Lasse/O. Melby - Lover's Greed - 7" - Killer (origami-agent)
Marhaug, Lasse - One Eye And Watching - 7" - Melektronikk/Safe As Milk (origami-agent)
Ring - These Songs - 7" (23 av 200) - Krank Records (origami-agent, agderblues)
Ræva Rockers (Jungle Medics)/Force Ten - Fiht Back - 7" - Alstahaug Kommune/Toppen Musikkskole
Truck van Rental/Dead Husbands - 7" - Holland (slapstick noise)
Vold, Jan Erik/Georg Johannessen/Eldrid Lunden/Karin Moe/Axel Jensen/Morten Jørgensen - Profil - 7"


Best Of Reggada (El Hassani/El Berkani/...), Fassiphone CD - an intense meeting with trad/modern morocco
Blues Vol 1&2 (Lee Hooker/B.B. King/Williamson/Dupree/...), Knife 2xCD (as 1) - ramshackled collection of classics
Can Buy Me Love 3 (Cock ESP, Ellen Degenerate etc), CDR - ohmigod, wonderful shit
Canción Española (Marifé de Triana/Lolita Sevilla/Lola Flores...), Knife 2xCD (as 1) - very beautiful!
Caribe (various), Knife 2xCD (as 1) - a truly groovey introduction
Dienstbar - Transalternative (NoisIv/Ohmbaby/...), private CD-ROM - historical berlin document
Dutch Invasion: Zesde Kolonne CDR - for Minsk techno events 2003
Exploratory Music From Portugal 04 (various), WIRE appendix CD
Fjord Focus (various), Wire CD - nice overlook over norwegian bands ca 2002
Flying Swimming (deWaard/RLW/Merzbow/Elggren...), CD in bag with inflatable plastic object - great japanese comp!
Ice Sculpture Theatre (Jazzkammer/Dutton/Blonk...), Bananafish CD - great comp that came with the magazine
OSC707 (various) : Suite#1, TIBProd CDR - mixed by Guignol Dangereux
Pas Attendre (Cordier/Guionnet/Toy Bizarre....), Shambala 2xCD - french cross-genre alternativism
Raster-Noton (various), Raster-Noton Promo CD, WIRE appendix - fine overlook of the minimal electronic & glitschy stuff
Soli Sampler (various), Soli CDR - tons of punk roughly mixed together for cop violence victims' benefit, berlin 2006
Tributo Flamenco A Don Juan Valderrama (various), BMG CD - cover versions of the legend
Tropicalisimo (various), Knife 2xCD (as 1) - another fine introduction
UK Rap vs Copviolence (various), Soli CDR - tons of beats roughly mixed together for benefit, berlin 2006

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