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agents aka the free people & pets of origami republika >
[originally intended as The Village People, but that name was sadly taken]

People become agents by participating in whatever way they see fit at least three times, or being present on a published recording or other product, by joining the word game, asking for it or simply because they deserve to be Honorary Pets (HP).

No artistic background or specific talent needed.

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subunits aka the -KA's >

It is strange what an impact the addition of one word, tag or logo can have. All we are doing is to add "origami" to a fair amount of what would have been arranged or created by one or the other anyway; so origami dis and origami dat have nothing more in common artistically or stylishly than the "The" of "The Beatles" have with the "The" of "The The".

Practically the separation into subunits came because one constellation was going to sign a record deal, and to avoid any problem with other origami work they added the (tekni)ka to the origami prefix.

Many of the subunits are open, meaning that any wannabe origamist can add to them. Also many of them are ready to be taken over.

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subunit worklogs >

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