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Origami Boe (Tore Honoré Boe) is a transmedia artist originating from Norway. These days he is often found performing live on his "homemade acoustic laptops"; wood boxes with tiny sound objects attached inside, and he also gives workshops where people are invited to create their own. He has toured extensively and is present on numerous releases

Boe has mainly worked within the fields of microsound, electro-acoustic, ambient, improv and extreme noise music, alone or with constellations of the Origami Republika open network, which he has coordinated since 1990. He has also worked with performance, visual art, street art, mail art and writing.

In his worklog there are no separation between conceptual art and sound making, as any means of expression become part of his general collage work (and they include humour, contrast and cultural shortcircuiting).

Originally a rockabilly/postpunk drummer in the bands AVE! and Kino Pravda in his hometown Kristiansand, he did continue to play "normal music" when he moved to Oslo, a.o. in the black-tango orchestra Tanz Fatal, and queer-core technoband Sadomaoistan.

After some active years in Oslo (88-96) through the dBUT record shop, Club Verdensrommet and various origami activities like Origami Arktika and Origami Grafika, he moved to Trondheim (96-02) and became part of what is now known as "The Trondheim Scene", best known for the still running Klubb Kanin concept, Origami Replika and later The Nordic Miracle duos with noise colleague Lasse Marhaug.

He has collaborated with people like Lasal, Lee Patterson, Bryan Day, Jochen Arbeit, Guido Huebner, Bjørn Hatterud, Michael F. Duch, Mark Spybey, Lasal, Guttorm Nordø, Michael Gira, Eric Cordier, Kai Mikalsen, Theresa Stroetges, Lasse Marhaug, N U Unruh, Ellen Røed, Derek Holzer, Jarboe and Terje Paulsen.

From 1990-2002 he mostly appeared as ThB, Crashman or A22. From 1999-2004 he appeared under the artist name Tore Honoré Bøe (and his evil other; 2re), only to go through the Origami 13051826 private art process to reappear as Origami Boe in 2004.

Boe now lives and works on the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco.

"The live part tug at the end of your conciousness, like happenings outside your field of vision, while the recorded parts provide a muzz curtain elegantly highlighting the tinkle and clunk of the assembled art kitchen." - The Wire

"And it might be no surprise, at least to me it isn't, that the real king of Norwegian music and art is granted to be on this..." - Frans deWaard

"Boe focus on what's just before and after, over and under, in and around - and thus helps the listening ear open up to an expanded universe of sound that it knows exist, but usually don't notice." - Groove.no

"I found myself staring at the loudspeakers astouned. Luckily - today's rockers manage to breathe new life to contemporary music's ideas." - Absurd Magazine

"The sounds posess a very natural inherent beauty, something that he is a very keen observer of." - Roel Meelkop

"...recorded at his new home at canary islands, spain, it turns out to be a very strong and lively noise mayhem, to help you spend your vacations in real waves of joy… or should i credit it as ‘islas canarias noise’? top!" - Vital Weekly

"I started the Origami Replika show, after 5 minutes Boe came, fell on his face when trying to get on stage, then proceeded to not plug his microphone in, but jumped around in Masonna-like fashion, blood gushing from his mouth (you'd never believe this guy has written several books of poetry)" - Lasse Marhaug

'...este artista podría ser considerado como la conexión entre Dadá, Merz o la larga tradición del collage y la música concreta: en ocasiones valiéndose de objetos cotidianos amplificados, en otras de grabaciones de campo y mediante el procesamiento de todo ello, Boe crea un sonido personal, cristalino y diáfano, construído a partir de elementos microfísicos, del azar y del riesgo. Un creador personal cuyo estilo es difícilmente comparable y cuya predilección por los formatos inusuales le ha llevado a trabajar con vinilos, disquetes o microcassettes. La singular belleza de su música responde a estas premisas, pero también a la atmósfera emocional de los espacios en que produce sus acciones en directo...'

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