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work 000 : baunoten
opening act; special webcast re-composition as 6 support(er) acts for einstürzende neubauten in 2004, 2 more added in 2008 (mp3 ep)

work 001 : radiofield
fieldrecordings (online radioshows, cdr, cassette, web album)

work 002 : gjendiktninger
iconographic series; small montages of found objects on wood

work 003 : atlantis of the north
songs/sound collage/music with broader instrumentation (cd master, live on split 10" and web ep)

work 004 : noise diary
unpretentious 4 minute pieces performed live and direct with or without audience (various formats, online, 7", 3"cdr, compilation entries)

work 005 : woodwork
musical-material actions based on wood

work 006 : omaonotopetokion
electro-acoustic compositions using any instrument or sound source (mp3 albums/cdr)

work 007 : i do
requests; remixes, guest musician, compilation entries, chores, commissions, video, text

work 008 : juntos
sound art and/or music in live or studio collaboration, with pepucho/rafa pinillos, terje paulsen, bryan day (eloine), jochen arbeit, halldor ulfarsson/billy!/theresa stroetges (golden disko ship), derek holzer, gregory büttner/incite, orquestra de les mines, lee patterson, pål asle pettersen, punkt duo (bang/honoré), johannes bergmark, brown sierra, ronnie sundin, michael gendreau, eric cordier

work 009 : Z of 7
rhythmical meditations, functional music, sound installation

work 010 : acoustic laptops
wood boxes with tiny sound objects attached inside (live, exhibition, catalogue, workshop docs, mp3 albums/cdrs)

work 011 : liña (la linea/the line)
paintings, various techniques on wood, canvas, carton, paper

work 012 : kaptcha
freeform noise works / ruido canario (mp3 albums/cdr)

work 013 : outstruments
instruments that came out of the boxes again (quitar, the bridge, eyePad)

work 014 : does it fly?
a crime and passion novel under construction, based on cut-ups from spam mails

work 015 : unstitute of incertainties
mail art, visual art, objects, papers, gallery and magazine participations