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work 011 : la liña (cuatro horizones)
four assemblages
found objects, bottlecaps, four layers of enamel on wood

"La liña" is canario for sowing thread. Invisible threads are stretched out horizontally, balancing over bouncy backgrounds, responding to the critique that my work is often considered unbalanced. Reframed urben relics explode over fundaments of trivial plastic refuse. Sunrise over the beach. No djinns left in the bottles.

Recogniseable objects trigger associations, fragments of stories that are allowed to develop subconsciously. A toy animal, a key, a plastic mandala are in a way "readymades", yet instead of losing their original function they are actively transformed into a part of the picture. My fellow origami-agents and others in-the-know will see the obvious relation to the "sum larger than its singular parts" meme. To further elaborate, the unrecogniseable objects have no clear associative value, their are purer, as trash often is. They are void of information, and could be seen as "notalreadymades".

The light- and shadowplay break up the monochrome surfaces, an effect I´ve used for years: "Aufmerzing", covering pieces in layer upon layer of paint, merging the objects into a whole. This play changes as your gaze moves over the canvases, diverting the focal point like in a fold-out makimono picture. Furthermore these four works seem to extend beyond the edges of each wood plate, which they don´t.

If you read them as musical scores, you´ll find the creative method pretty similar to my sound work, singular sound events happening over a more or less obvious drone of repetition. A myriad of seemingly unconnected glitches bubbling over disciplined ground. Chaos as composition. The spillage of glue as echoes and effects.

"I think they probably meant unbalanced as the use of the term "them"; to induce stage paranoia; with your years in the industry of Art and industry process as well you should not even consider on alternative explanations, keep your guard up; show your left hand and hit with the rite elbow .. must advice/suggest to let criticism know about "the ethics of imagery and the conducts of ontologies." -"unbalanced" its not even fit for a criticable issue..." - Marcos Perez







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