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work 001 : radiofield
field recordings in four main parts (online radioshows, cdr, cassette, web albums)

radiofield A
"framework:afield" - 4 x 8 minute field recording compositions for aired/online show
Broadcast/podcast november 1st 2006 by ResonanceFM, London, UK
(to be reissued as zip)

linear notes: Edited from 56 minute commissioned environmental sound work as "guest editor" of Patrick McGinley's radio show. Patrick is the phonographer behind the project .murmer, which we did some live interaction with at the 2003 or_/tacet London visit. He also came to hang out with me in Hamburg when i did the Musikhalle show opening for Neubauten.

Taking on 4 different scenarios, mixing them into 4 layers after 4 strategies; 1] phasing, 2] editing, 3] looping and X] equalising. Coherent with my recent return to the visual arts this piece is more graphic than musical, creating a long journey through a landscape of 1] bird conversation, 2] child entusiasmo, 3] trivial droning and X] sudden interruptions.

An early work(sub)title was "The Birds Sing Nono" due to my interest in the tease-denial moulding in the compositions of Luigi Nono, a friend mentioned Kenneth Kirschner´s approach, which i have to check out more in-depth. Yet after a short while the humour appeared, linking this piece to the miniatures of Runzelstirn & Gürgelstock, Crank Sturgeon and the likes.

This was my debut podcast, and my last work on the 1996 SoundEdit software, so it feels proper that it was a request from an amigo that spurred the whole thing.

Singing and general comments throughout by David A206 of or_/kanaria.

radiofield B
4 x 8 minute electro-static compositions for aired/online radio show
Broadcast september 2009 by Støyfoten/Radio Nova, Oslo
, Norway
Professionally made cassette, 40 copies, Kassettkultur (Norway)
(to be reissued as zip) / a few cassette copies available

linear notes: Homerecording is often called kitchen recording, so that's where i did it. I recorded a broken downlight hum in my kitchen at various times with the limited mic on my cheap portable cassette player. The only other sound to be heard was a toy car motor. Then I played the recorded tape via the headset out and into my mac (lalacuatro) and neatly edited out the four "best" and most varied versions. I GarageBanded them in a steaming 40 degrees celcius, burned them on a cdr and sent them off to the label which ordered a 40 copy edition to be released on my 40th birthday (in cobbection with the broadcasting. It´s funny how it then was mastered professionally back to cassette tape, giving these pieces that artistic whiff of meta-meta-meta-aspects.

radiofield C
"sitios: stavanger" - 4 x 8 minute field recording compositions from Stavanger, Norway
Free mp3 album, Baconia Beings (Argentina)
(to be reissued as zip)

linear notes: Rainy monday in august; waking up in TOU Scene´s artist apartment by the sounds of the house next door being demolished, pressing record immedeatly, rabbit habit.

Later, while transferring my dictaphone recordings, the dear machine would not let out one recorded sound, zip, nada, only to reveal a spectre of electric tweaks and statics by it´s own will, interesting.

Went out for a walk recording my traveller bag that has a broken wheel making the clacks! intense, and then i found some quiet city street ambience.

Went back and mix-mastered three tracks. Went to see friends before take-off, but was interrupted by a young junky girl with a passion for talking to (and singing for) musicians, and with that on my minidisk i was driven to Sola Lufthavn (the sun airport) by label mogul Iversen A179, and while waiting to board i quickly cut her voice up and put it into an even more narrative context.