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work 007 : i do
requests; remixes, guest musician, compilation entries, chores, commissions, video, text

Various Artists - Six Feet Below the Snow - A Silber Christmas Compilation
MP3 Compilation 2011 | Silber 10
Six Feet Below the Snow - http://silbermedia.com/comps/sixfeet/
Origami Boe: euroKAlissimo (extended xmazz dance version)

CASE X: Guesting for Masselys at Månefisken, Oslo, August 7, 2010.

"In a fit of giddy i joined my friends onstage for a guest appearance where i cut my hands using an acoustic laptop as percussion. I was afraid i´d ruined the atmosphere, but was asked back with them the next weekend (in an e-mail i received too late. So no harm done, then."

CASE W: Drone for Droneskvadronen collaborative cd.

Work in progress.

CASE V: Track for "Sendai Charity Vol. 1" by Unique International > download here

"Over the years catastrophes such as tsunamis and earthquakes cause tremendous suffering for people around the globe. Unique International sees no other way more than to help by presenting these albums for the public eye. By purchasing you’re also donating for a good cause. The label take no profit from these albums. 100% of aid goes directly to The Red Cross Organization. The organization provides Haiti, Sendai and other cities who need our help. Please, be generous if possible. Any amount is welcome."

CASE U1+U2: Tracks for "International Email Audio Art Project Volume 4 and 10" by HalTapes, USA > download Vol. 4 here, and Vol. 10 here

"Proud to be in on these compilations of (e-mailed) miniature sound pieces released by tape legend Hal McGee."

CASE T: Remixing Conrad Schnitzler and Bjørn Hatteruds track "Hirschgebrüll Pt9". Released as a free download set as bonus for the LP version of the acclaimed album "Hirschgebrüll", [ohm] records, 2011.

CASE S: "I am (the Seal)" - remix of track by Aarktica, USA

CASE R: Source material for Cock ESP´s cd "Historia De La Musica Cock", Little Mafia/Breathmint/SunShip, USA, 2010.

"Taking the title literally, this album is a loving parody of the experimental/avant garde/noise world, a collective of artists and works that aren't known for showcasing a sense of humor. With over 100 pieces in less than 40 minutes, the sound is all over the place by definition, united mostly by outbursts of harsh noise and a joyful disregard of formality and pretentiousness." - Brainwashed.com

"Vinyl skipping, rock playing, distortion, screaming vocals: all those ingredients are well and present on this disc, and makes up a crazy barrage of 'music' (??). Other than the 'intelligent noise' which I these days welcome this is pure noise and one that I like very much. Thirty-eight minutes is exactly the right length. You need a similar time to recover from that. See: I do like noise." - Frans deWaard

CASE Q: "Tropical Suite" - five tracks for the compilation cdr "With Friends Like These: 10 Years Of Pissing In The Wind", Gold Soundz, Norway, 2010.

CASE P: Guesting for Golden Diskó Ship at ä, Berlin, August 12, 2009.

"I met Theresa Stroetges when i was leading a workshop node on acoustic laptop-building. She was having a concert and i was invited to do an opening with her on our acoustic laptops (she built her German Wasted Youth laptop in a few hours). I was running late, sweating as hell in a beautifully damp Berlin-night. After she had finished her impressive concert, we presented an encore. A truly giddly little game of conversational pling-plongs took place and the audience was a bit thrown off track as the Golden Diskó Ship had presented structured songwriter-stuff backed by a (digital) laptop, and here we were, plucking happily away. Flipping watermelon seeds at members of the audience and clearing the frequencies for further collaboration."

CASE O: Video for the band Topmodel, Germany. Video for origami republika village tv.

"Topmodel is a super noiseimprov trio consisting of Maria Guzman, Rinus van Alebeek and Magnus Schaefer. As i witnessed their DIENSTbar performance in 2008, the request came that i ought to direct a video for them. Although i´m horrible at video-making and that the request came from a rather drunk member of the audience, i decided to go ahead. I filmed a sequence on my compact camera, and then much later edited the video back at lalacuatro." - my notes

CASE N: Request to select a film to be shown at Oslo film club Cinemateket, with a short text in their catalogue. I chose Oddvar Einarson´s dark post-acopalypse epic "Havet Stiger" (The Ocean Rises, 1990)

CASE M: Introduction to a live concert by Origami Arktika, with Kai "Kobi" A80 and Audun Strype A35. Sound Of Mu, Oslo, Norway, May 6th, 2009. SEE > pt1 - pt2

"As i used to play in that band, i decided to "play support" for them by telling the audience small anecdotes from the band history (being naked on Slovak tv news and recorgnised on the train next day, going to the Vancouver Folk Fest with one song, returning with none etc...), and how i was fired (though i never got that far). Kai A80 appeared to be my technician, and we plunked a little on our acoustic laptops and it happened i hit him ever so gently; earlier we performed together in dadacoustic subunit KA. One highlight was that Audun A35 was sitting in front of us fixing one of my acoustic laptops." - my notes

CASE L1+L2: Additional material on Kobi´s cds "Acousticks" and "Dronesyndrome", Norway. Tracks: "Exactly On Time, Moved Completely Into The Shadow", Acousticks CD, EndOfHum, Norway, 2008. "Such Variations Will Be Encountered Again", Dronesyndrome CD, Silber Records, USA, 2005.

CASE K: Additional material for PBK´s cd "Under My Breath", USA. Track title: "Air Brings Sound And Soul". Released by Waystyx, Russia, 2009.

"The guests on this recording are among my most cherished friends working in avant garde music today. I realize the odds are against us, we work in an area of sound production where neglect is the order of the day, we can’t get paid for our music, we self-release our work quite often just to document what we are doing. We continue to work against the odds in our own little corners of the world, striving to take our life experiences and turn them into art." - PBK

"PBK’s completely unique compositional style is well suited to a release like this, where a diverse group of collaborators contribute a varied sound palette. He draws strongly on the distinct characters of electroacoustic, musique concréte, ambient and noise musics in his sound. Each song presents a completely new atmosphere, in which there is a feeling of motion through a sort of “painting” or “landscape”, where new features lurch unexpectedly into view with quivering, crackling energies." - vuzhmusic.com

CASE J: Compilation entry "Ten Second Compilation III - The Cow Of Troy" CD-ROM by KIF Recording, Poland.

"I think is bordering to lunacy to ask for a track of such a length as 10 seconds. That is way too long to listen to extreme noise. So i hereby submit two 4 second tracks of excellence." - my liner notes

Case I: Image remixing of work "Rust in Pieces & Painthing" by Hörendull
, Belgium. Video for origami republika village tv.

"Artist in the visual domain are always welcome to reinterpret these photographs / paintings. So are soundartists. ? ban all destructive and/or paralizing toughts like "what's the point?" ? or "it has been done before", unless you have also stopped with ? eating or having sex of wich the point is to multiply, but i guess at ? that stage you probably have stopped breathing :-) :-)?" - Hörendull

Case H: Remake based on a sample pack by Fisk På Disk, Norway. My title is "Plukkfisk". Released on the "Fishfingers" cdr, Ambolthue, Norway, 2010.

"The deal is, take the sample pack offered, use samples from it however you see fit, but use ONLY the samples provided, no external samples or synths or whatever. Trivia; Fisk på disk means "fish on disc" in Norwegian, so any fish-puns you might come up with as title for your remix is probably appreciated, heheh....".

Case G: Remake of audio-DVD material by Linn Halvorsrød, Norway. My title is "This Is Where The White People Live".

Case F: Liner notes for the 4xCD box "Cassettes" by Lasse Marhaug, PICA Records, Norway.

Case E: Participating to the 15x1 collaborative project by Zan Hoffman, USA. Released on the cdr "The Prostitution Of Authenticity EP" with Origami Boe (track 1 + 4), Cjjbrotz, Mer Mlau, zh27 cat.no.999, 2008.

"In the new millenium I've been asking fellow home-recording artists worldwide to send me 15 one minute pieces for future collaborations. Very soon after starting my cassette label ZIDSICK in 1984 to exchange original recordings with fellow hometapers worldwide I became obsessed with collaborations. I wanted not just to write and trade with people, but to collaborate with them. This documents friendships, expands the range of audio sources available to releases on my label and generates new relationships when I combine artists who are unfamiliar with each other. Importantly it provides me with creative challenges outside the possibilities I can provide for myself. Fifteen years later with e-mail and the Internet at my fingertips a new world of international networking opened up to me. It was then that I formulated my "15 x 1 min." collaborative series." - Your pal in the Bluegrass State, Zan

Case D: Responding to a request by the New York Miniaturist Ensemble, USA. A 3 minute entry to their Drone Podcast.

"A weekly podcast devoted to DRONES and STATIC MUSIC. We are always seeking new recordings to include on the podcasts. The ideal is music that has no change or variation. Each submitted track must be 3 minutes in length. You can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes."

Case C: Remake of a track from a 2008 studio session by Masselys, Norway.

"This was originally meant to be a remix of their previous band Salvatore called "C Is For Canarian Behaviour", but as they split up before I could finish it, I decided to exchange it for a remix of material by their new band Masselys recorded @ andereBaustelle Tonstudio, Berlin. I found a rough mix cdr laying around and took advantage of it."

Case B: Re-recording 'mo (nu) ment' by Sebastiane Hegarty. Request via the radio program Framework, ResonanceFM, England.

"From framework 09.05.07: Sometime last year i received an unsolicited heavy-pressed single-sided 7" vinyl record in the post. no package, letter, sleeve, nothing - just a record with a stamp and my address on it, and a small sticker in the center with a request. The request was that i play the record back in my home, record it ambiently, and return both record and recording to a specified address. Months later, i finally got around to doing this, and in the process thought, what better way to support this project than to broadcast the record on framework and call to arms all it's loyal listeners? So that's what i've done ... You will find Sebastiane Hegarty's piece 'mo (nu) ment', which was recorded from his bedroom window during a 3 minute silence held for the victims of the asian tsunami disaster of 2005. Play it back over whatever speakers you have, record it with whatever you have at hand, and, dear listener, send it back to us here at framework. If we get enough we'll broadcast a selection of them, and forward them on to Sebastiane for his project. so there you go. to arms!" - Patrick McGinley

Case A: Producing track 'Instrumentos De Percusíon' by or_/kanaria for the 'Family Values' mp3 album and giving a pretty extensive interview about fatherhood vs. music for the online zine QRD, both by Silber Records, USA.

"The theme is “rock & roll” dads; though I guess it is a little bit of a stretch to call most of the music covered rock & roll ... Several of my friends lately seem to be making the commitment either to have kids or have a surgery to make the commitment to not have kids (which would be another issue altogether). And of course there’s my personal interest/fear of children of my own since I am starting to turn into one of the “adults” instead of one of the “kids” in pretty much any setting I find myself in. Now after all the hours of work on the interviews, I’m still not sure I understand what I personally should do any better. But I think when Rune Flaten kinda explains everything with, “It is not like you are necessarily made a better person if you have children. Everyone doesn’t have to become a parent, it is very okay not to.” Anyway, I hope you dig this issue. I’m thinking about making a print version available for people to give as gifts to expectant fathers. Thanks for all your time & support as always." - Brian John Mitchell

"... and rumours has it that some of the audio material above has been bootlegged as a double vinyl album entitled 'Great White Wonder' - which is an homage to what is counted as the world´s first bootleg, guess by who..."

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