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work 003 : atlantis of the north
songs/sound collage/music with broader instrumentation (unreleased cd master, live on split 10" and web ep)

A atlantis of the north

8 urban folk music compositions from studio sessionwork - a zoociative listening experience, operatic ambiences. merz vaudeville. what does the alchemist desire when s/he discovers the vanity of gold?

The third part of the origami boe worklog: Urban folk music about various climate and social changes. In a zoorealistic display of contemporary links, you'll meet the comodo dragon, fighting zebras and stomping elephants, the white river dolphin, an owl, 8 lines of poetry and a storm.

Swinging mikes, gated poetry and bits of beats create an unique semi-acoustic atmosphere. Dark, eerie and awkward it is, but it also forms a ironic-poetic farewell to the "arctic ambient" and "post-industrial" musics of previous Boe-making.

It should only fall natural that this recording was made in the rehearsal space/studio of one of the bands who through their debut album kicked Boe onto his musical and conceptual path. This session was a negation of a negation, an abstraction of an abstraction. Except the acoustic Bjorklund Revival laptop, voice and paper, teeth and feet - the instruments were kindly provided by the same band. Putting the dilletant back into die geniale dilletanten.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Boris Wilsdorf @ "The Bunker" (now andereBaustelle tonstudio) in Berlin, January 8-12, 2007. This record is dedicated.

AB atlantis of the north live
2 of the more ambient tracks performed live @ e.xtrem t.on, a/z Conni, Dresden, Germany, August 19, 2007. On the split-10" acetate with Origami Tacet, released by Humbug, 2009. Edition of 51 copies.

AC atlantis of the north live
medley of tracks from the only full live performance of this material, Boe A22 with Bjarne A16 (salvatore, or_/arktika, lasso, masselys) @ Blaa Grotte, Fredrikstad, Norway, August 31, 2007.
Mp3 Ep by KomKol Autoprod, 2011.

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