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work 005 : woodwork
musical-material actions based on wood

madera / prima materia / schleifen = sliping = sleeping / ... /
sanding down edges / knock on wood / fingerspitzgefühl / trädkraming

woodwork A > "Doubled Realities" >

Two versions was commissioned by Das Kleine Fieldrecordings Festival in Berlin, 2007: The first part was a concert taking place August 18 @ Stralau 68, and the second an extended session presented @ Wendel, August 25, mixing in the double-bass of Michael Duch A192 from an or_/tacet recording. The original location recordings was recently recovered and a studio session (cdr/mp3 album) will conclude this first woodwork.

"Last but not least I would like to mention Boe. To be nominated for the Nobel price for Peace. This wednesday dark clouds were hurrying and chasing God knows which outlaw way up there in the sky, but it brought raindrops. After waiting a while, the decision had to be made. Everyone upstairs where since 17.00 delicious perfumes were coming from .murmer's indian spices. Helped by Boe the curry's he had prepared were so exquisite that he sold out even before he could count to ten."

"Boe proved to be a great conferencier, so I let him substitute my nurky self. He told how the invitation to the festival reached him while the island where he lived was burning down. He was sanding wood at that time as well. His set was a reconstruction of those days, with a real laptop being used as a cdr-player, spreading the radionews, and his wooden laptop bringing back the silent moments of island life.

The wonderous thing is that the performers didn't only react to their own sounds, but also to each other's sets. So Boe opened the density of Robert's modified churchbells by bringing in the sad and also wild sounds of burning woods; Michael responded to this by a set that seemed to be reigned by the principles of Aeolus; some of his sounds moved as if they were picked up by the wind and thrown around, then it moved back to silence again, but never could he escape this chaotic play that makes your attention slide from one to another place."

"Then deep into the night Boe played his acoustic laptop, accompanied by beautiful sounds from Michael Duch's double bass. However these bass sounds were stored on a cdr. Some dream concert it was. At the back of the bar two ladies were talking in our sleep. Anyway. Boe presented also the evening that started with a quest for a tape made by Balz Isler. A special messenger had brought it from Hamburg. An old cassette player was waiting on a bar stool. A microphone over it, and there was your 19fifties science fiction stand up sonician show." - RvA, das kleine fieldrecordings festival 2007

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