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look through the massive origami produce list - listed alphabetically by subunits

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open an "origami" folder on your pc; then start downloading and collecting from the list below... Play @ random to experience the diversity of the origami republika village accents.

These zip-folders include the release in 320kbps mp3, details, cover artwork, and often with bonus tracks, extra photos, booklets, cover print versions or videos.

There will be new and previously unpublished material alongside a massive reissue agenda of classics and rareties from the audio.art.archive.

Please feel free to DONATE or look for better sounding physical releases HERE.

origami antarktika >

Academic Music From Buran > .zip

origami arktika

rett mot sola > .zip > info
An album-length medley based on various attempts at a Pink Floyd cover song by the neofolk/ambient ensemble Origami Arktika, 2012
eplekyss > .zip > info
Reissue of a live cdr from 2005.
brook > .zip > info
In 2001 or_/arktika did a split cd with Lull (Mick Harris/Scorn). This is the reissue of the arktika material only.

origami boe >

OMAONOTOpetokion A/B > .zip > info
Reissue of the eight first electro-acoustic compositions, previously released on cdr (L.ike A.n E.verflowing S.tream) and as free flac download album (Tecnonucleo).
Z of 7 - > .zip/info
A rhythmical meditation made for Galleri Blunt.
010A Oslo 2008 > .zip > info
Recording sessions by the Orkestra, the full Orkestra opening quartet, txt, photos, the paper catalogue in .pdf, and related videos.
010B variations 2008-09 > .zip > info
Home sessions, audience encores, video soundtrack
010E Tenerife 2010 > .zip > info
Two solo live recordings and workshop edit, fotos, txt, and related videos.
010F Trondheim 2010 > .zip > info
Recordings from the acoustic laptops made by workshop participants, the full Orkestra concert, txt, photos and three related videos.

010HE tenerife éspecial 2012 > .zip > info
Special edition for the numa-circuit 2012 festival @ Cafe 7, La Laguna. Contains all Tenerife recordings, video and photos.

Kaptcha A > .zip > info
Extreme noise album. Recorded by Lasse Marhaug A73 before breakfast in the best studio in Oslo 2008. Originally released as cdr by Gold Soundz, Norway, 2011.
Kaptcha C > .zip > info
Extreme noise album. Boe A22 and Kai Kobi A80 live @ DIENSTbar, Galerie Zeitzone, Berlin, Feb 23, 2010. Remix by Hilmer Helfe A152 (or_/herregud+)

origami diskordika >

Abademic Music From Lower Grünerløkka > .zip

origami KA >

sett 01: terrarium > .zip > info
The complete released and unreleased recordings 1997-2003
sett 02: monsterpanic > .zip > info
The complete released and unreleased recordings 1997-2003
sett 03: 98-97 > .zip > info
The complete released and unreleased recordings 1997-2003
sett 04: water mertz > .zip > info
The complete released and unreleased recordings 1997-2003
sett 05: 99 > .zip > info
The complete released and unreleased recordings 1997-2003
sett 06: 00 > .zip > info
The complete released and unreleased recordings 1997-2003
sett 07: 01 > .zip > info
The complete released and unreleased recordings 1997-2003
sett 08: 03-02 > .zip
> info
The complete released and unreleased recordings 1997-2003

origami kaffe & origami gurk >

Avademic Music From Kolbotn/Nidaros > .zip

origami kanaria >

3 Boe´s Rock > .zip > info
The kids decided to make their own guitars and record an album with them. Zip with mp3s, cover artwork and print version, 12
page booklet.


evil moisture - live in paris > .zip
linn halvorsrød A293 - utkast radioprogram > .zip

origami republika >

Free 19 Year Album > Compiling 11 subunits from Norway, Canarias, Costa Rica, Catalania, Argentina, Chile, France, Poland > .zip > info
Free 18 Year Album > Compiling 16 subunits from Norway, Catalania, England, Chile, USA, Sweden, Canarias, Argentina, Poland, Bulgaria > .zip > info
Free 16 Year Album > Compiling 19 subunits from Norway, Canarias, Hungary, Argentina, England, USA, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Canada > .zip > info
Free 10 Year Album > Compiling 24 subunits from Norway, USA, Switzerland, Australia, England, France, Argentina, Canada > .zip > info
Voight Kampf 1993 > Unreleased hi-tech cd recording > .zip
We are hell-oh!? > Trash, scumpunk, noise from Trondheim ca 200-2002 > .zip

origami robotikii >

them 9" og 13" plates - 11 ALBUM SET > .zips/info

origami teknika >

Number Zero > .zip > info
The one time origami tried to make popular music, ambient, industrial, techno... Wide instrument range and studio production. Acclaimed by parts of the press. Originally released on cd by Metal Art Disco, 1994

The cdr archive is now becoming a dvdr archive. Every time we have collected a dvd full of zips, we will burn a few copies and spread them to the involved and extreme collectors... A quicker way to build your own radiOrigami collection without having to download all the material. Contact us for details...

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