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Most of the releases have been issued in the smallest editions directly from one of our (sub)labels mentioned below. The more regular editions of CDs, vinyls, cdrs and web albums have been issued via other labels, but they all have a number in one of these (sub)label catalogues.

Many of the releases in this catalogue are now available as free download zips via radiOrigami, as we are sharing the archive openly. For physical releases available for sale, see origami ekonomika.

As said, much of the material has only been presented to a limited amount of ears, meaning that the option of having some of this stuff reissued (by other labels) is interesting.

We ARE looking for special agents who would dedicate a little time and effort putting our stuff into circulation; we can deliver both master and artwork.

"One of the first persons to set up a record company, if not the first, had a gramophone with which he could record. He recorded his own voice, among other things. The symbol of his record label was an angel surrounded by five stars. When he died, he left his recording apparatus, his recordings and his dog to his brother. That's the famous dog that sits by the gramophone and listens to his master's voice. The company with this label became huge. This for me is where the divide in the music industry lies, between the person who labels his own voice with an angel and the dog that listens to his master's voice." - EN A185

the catalogues - in alphabetical order >

komkol autoprod >>> Main archive list. Absolutely not a chronological listing over 300 titles in almost any possible format. Most of the regular cd and vinyls are released via other labels worldwide, but komkol autoprod is still "editor" of new releases.

la la hacienda >>> This is the label part of a tiny operation run from Gran Canaria by Elisabeth A15 and Boe A22. This is the home of the origami southcentral headquarters. This label will be reactivated as a web label, and only stay focussed on certain musical accents.

major ego produkt >>> Run by Major Ego A777. Label of the SchMerzPønkDaDa hysteria, but also proper releases by other artists as Urd Barbarian and b9. Vinyl and cd, mp3 album, cdr. The mep objekts & aktions list consists of ultralimited trash releases. Defunct 1998, completed May 28, 2006.

m/o/l/d >>> Carefully selected material, ambient, collage, concrete, noise. CD, cdr and various vinyl formats. The m/o/l/d white labels was a cdr series of quality material. Run by Boe A22. Completed 2007.

null spenn records >>> Scum noise, broken punk, degenerated muzik, skandinoise. Xerox-aesthetic label run by Frank Robert A124 (of Origami Herregud+). the bootleg series cassettes, mp3 singles, web/aiff singles, vinyl... The nsr white labels is a cdr/free mp3 series that was revitalised in 2012.

public demand cassettes >>> 40 cassettes of the finest in power ambient, freeform noise and various acoustics, a.o. some rather legendary compilations, includes a few reissues, but mostly exclusive material. Defunct 2000, selections can be reissued on cd-r.

or_/synesthetika >>> A subdivision of Synesthetic Recordings dedicated toor_/ output.

TRASS! anarchives >>> 24 web albums for free download. Print cdr-size covers on red paper. In cooperation with Ambolthue, Norway.

tidal wave recycling >>> Another wonderful cassette/dat label from the north. Run by Lasse A73 (of Origami Synergika fame) and some chick he met at the bar. Very hard to catalogue. Some of these items have been reissued on cdr by various labels.

UNESCO [underground] >>> This Origami Republika socio-philantropic archive is dedicated to the documention of the roots of numusic, lower arts, zoorealism and reframed folk culture around the fringes of our network. It is our local global jukebox and Alan Lomax tribute page. Conserved sounds from the great history of dissenter art and obscure subculture - on one or another level. The values conveyed are not necessarily those of another organisation with a similar name. The selections are made by Karen Karnak Elliot A97 of Origami Diskordika, lay-out and uploading by Boe A22.

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