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3.3 origami republika - the anniversary compilations

origami republika - Free 10 Year Album - web/cass/cdr comp
ORkk100 > .zip

01] or_/republika: Introduction
- Comments from Thurston A165, Annette A114, Bjarne A16, Clive Baker, excerpts from the unreleased Voight Kampf cd, 1993. Cutup by Boe A22 @ studio o/r/k/a, Trondheim, Norway, 1999
02] or_/all-stars (Matt A69): Microcassette Message
- Microtape put in origami hq mailbox by Matt A69, Trondheim, Norway, 1998
03] or_/anarchika: Hohlgroht (exc.)
- Pille A147, Alec 148, Switzerland, 1998. Full album on TRASS anarchives (ORta09) via Ambolthue.
04] or_/angelika: Lament 1.902
- Per A11: Indian organ, Amanda A72: Choreography, dance, Boe A22: Concept, tapes, Simon A24: Voice, Søssa A67: Slides. Live at Palmovka Synagogue, Prague, Czech Rep., 1995
05] or_/arktika: Kvaen Kort
- Rune A53, Bjarne A16, Kai A80, Kjell Øyvind A34, Boe A22. Snippen, Norway, 2000
06] or_/ballistika: In Response To Death
- Written during the Gulf War. Re-corded under the NATO attack on Serbia. Words and bells: Martin A40. Sounds and editing: Boe A22, Norway 1999
07] or_/christianssand: Samsen Serenade
- Filip A141 feat. 2re A22 aka or_/uansett. Panikk Fabrikk, buttons by Jarle Labdon. Kristiansand, Norway, 1999
08] or_/diskordika: Message
- Robert A14, Australia. Soundcollage left on a considerable amount of answeringmachines at public offices and services off-hours. Sydney, Canberra, Oslo, Drammen, 1995
09] or_/galaktika: Horisont 6/Fantasi 1
- b9 A07, Oslo, Norway, 2000
10] or_/all-stars (Jarboe A60, Boe A22, Krey A169): 15 Years
- Boe A22, Krey A169 with vocal cassette from Jarboe A60. Klubb Kanin, Avant Garden, Trondheim, Norway, 2000
11] or_/inertia: The Man Who Got Lucky
- Charles A154, UK
12] new or_/replika: Trance Three
- Debut of new trademark owner. John H A166, Athome A216. Bergen, Norway, 1999
13] or_/KA: IXX
- Boe A22, Kai A80, Kjell Øyvind A34. Snippen, Norway, 2000
14] or_/lca: souscriptions
- Aaa + Aaa, France, 1999
15] or_/lorika: 10,004
- Originally by Remora (BJM). Brian John A153, USA
16] or_/northamerika: In My Time Of Dying
- Timothy A113, USA
17] or_/opna: Icelandic for Beginners (Lesson 1:1-4)
- Michael A164, USA. Recorded live at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA, May 4 1997. Part of the 'Performance Anxiety' rehearsal space exhibit by Rirkrit Tiravanija
18] or_/pharmaceutika: Burn
- Matthew A116, Eric A127 and Kris A128, USA, 2000
19] or_/uansett (Mrs. Hippi): We Miss...
- TEM A118, Boe A22. Recorded @ Machine Machine Studio, Trondheim, 1998
20] real or_/replika: New Conceptions Of Folk
- Kobi A80, Boe A22. Voice: Nils A100. Sketch for concert shared with Merzbow, John Dee, Oslo, Norway, 1998.
21] or_/southamerika: ---
- Courtis A132, TomasĖn A144, Conlazo A145. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1999
22] or_/strangika: KAnada
- Jenn A163, Vancouver, Canada, 2000
23] or_/uansett (iquit!): Teachings Of Buddha
- Kim Xmazz A108, Boe A22. Studio o/r/k/a, Trondheim, Norway, 1999
24] or_/synergika: 04.00
- Mads A101, Lasse A73. Trondheim, Norway, 2000

details: Compiled by Boe A22 @ studio o/r/k/a, Trondheim, Norway, 2000. Originally released as the 10 Year Anniversary Album with the second part (1.567 Allied Forces Of Light) also including projects not using origami monikers, some of those have later been included here.

produce: Listed as komkol 100, released in various editions by Silber Records (usa), assemblagepoint (uk), Gürteltiertapes (ch). Reissued as web album by TIBProd, Norway, 2007.

origami republika - Free 16 Year Album - web/cdr comp
ORkk200 > .zip

01] or_/vokstervisse: Komme Da
- Rune Flaten A53, Norway, 2003.
02] or_/synergika: llhc221203
- Lasse Marhaug A73, Norway, 2003.
03] or_/tacet: Remembrance
- Michael Duch A192 and Boe A22, Norway/Canarias, 2004.
04] or_/all-stars: Bovill - Tom Hovinbøle A186, Jonas Qvale A196, Jørn Egseth A227, Duch A192, Boe A22 @ Villbo, Trondheim, Norway, 2005.
05] or_/ka: XXII (Water Mertz FF)
- Remix. Kai Kobi A80 and Boe A22, Norway/Canarias, 2005.
06] or_/hungarika: Catapilla
- Gergõ E A252 and Laszlo Z A253, Hungary, 2004.
07] or_/kaffe feat. or_/kanaria: Running Nettopps
- Bjarne A16 with Silja A195, David A206 @ lala2, Canarias, 2003.
08] or_/minimalistika: x15 defrag
- Jan-Morten Iversen A179, Stavanger, Norway, 2004.
09] or_/southamerika: Pechuga De Sismo
- Anla Courtis A132. Source gtrs recorded 1996, remixed at Valuba Mafiforo Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina, aug 2003.
10] or_/neuborgspouters: Creature 6: trthgrl nthngbllcks
- Simon Legg A209 and Gonchong A221, UK, 2004.
11] or_/genitalia: Smear Campaign
- Emil H A181 and Eric H A202, USA, 2004.
12] or_/arktika: Ramlah
- Bjarne Larsen A16, Rune Flaten A53, Kjell Braaten A34, Kai Mikalsen A80, Boe A22 @ Snippen, Norway, 2001.
13] or_/magika: C mars 04
- André Borgen A203, Oslo, Norway 2004.
14] or_/skandimaffia: Bill's Pecore / Recortada 3
- Regnato A250, Argentina, 2005.
15] or_/lca: Feret
- Aaa and Aaa, France, 2003.
16] or_/kafka: Der Fremde - Wir Sind Alle Ausländern mix
- Josek F A238, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2005.
17] or_/h e r r r egud+: r u widh mi
- Hilmer Helfe A152 and Frank Robert A124, Lublin/Ålesund, Poland/Norway, 2005.
18] or_/strangika: Touch Me Baby
- Jennifer Tosoff A163, Vancouver, Canada, 2004.

details: Mastered by Boe A22 @ lalacuatro, Canarias, 2006.

produce: Listed as komkol 200, cdr released by KomKol Autoprod, Canarias, web album released by TIBProd, Norway, 2006.

origami republika - Free 18 Year Album - web/cdr comp
ORkk250 > .zip

01] or_/journalistika: Madonna Supports Origami
02] or_/antarktika: Red (edit)
- Mp3 sketch by Jonas Qvale A196, Norway.
03] or_/caustika: Madala
- Òscar Hidalgo and Marta Bonnet A271, Catalania/Spain.
04] or_/klassika: Rhein (unfinished)
- Jan-Morten Iversen A179, Norway.
05] or_/neuborgspouters: Creature 11 - the pffft cantata
- Simon Legg A209 and Gonchong A221 and neubauten.orglers, UN/UK.
06] or_/robotikii: hdt-amy still waits the return of the nationbender noon light the fireflies
- SonsOfTid Studio, Marcos Peres A259, Chile.
07] or_/repetika: Dronenba
- Sketch by Adam Sigmund A220, USA.
08] or_/imminim: Oeooo (hmpetch sketch)
- Sketch by Olle Oljud A256, Sweden.
09] or_/kanaria: Harmonika Trio
- Silja A195, David A206, Simon A242, San Fernando, Canarias.
10] or_/olympika: Ola By Rise Is So Fucking Cool (7" demo)
- Demo for 7" b-side by Marius Lien A175, Per-Ola Rika A174 and Magnus Fodstad Larsen A175, Norway.
11] or_/cuca: Theme
- Theme by Boe A22 and Manuel Ronf A276, Canarias.
12] or_/southamerika: Esparuero Y Guaipo
- Anla Courtis A132, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
13] or_/hairy: Barbie & Ken
- Krulie A275, Central Europe.
14] or_/kafka: l'etranger
- Josek F A238, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
15] or_/metallika: scrap metal meal (digesting different metal objects)
- Kjetil Hanssen A268, Oslo, Norway.
16] or_/arktika: Den Sorgfulle Sjømann (kobi's havmiks)
- Remixed by Kobi A80. By Bjarne Larsen A16, Rune Flaten A53, Kjell Braaten A34, Kai Mikalsen A80 and Boe A22. Lyrics: Donald Duck.

details: Mastered by Boe A22 @ lalacuatro, Canarias, 2008.

produce: Listed as komkol 250, cdr released by KomKol Autoprod, Canarias, web album released by TIBProd, Norway, 2008.

origami republika - Free 19 Year Album - web/cdr comp
ORkk300 > .zip

01] or_/kaffe feat. or_/kanaria: Akustisk Kaffepause
- Bjarne A16: Guitar, Silja A195 & David A206: Acoustic laptops. Rec by Boe A22 @ lala2, San Fernando, Islas Canarias, 2002.
02] or_/boe: Omaonotopetokion (Live @ audiounit, Hamburg)
- Boe A22 live @ audiounit, Hamburg, Germany, Oct 21, 2008. Part of worklog 006.
03] or_/storika: Sosial Kollaps 1984
- Outtake from the two first homerecorded cassettes by Boe A22 (as "Sosial Kollaps"), Vesterveien, Kristiansand, Norway, 1984. Full album released on Trass! Anarchives (ORta13) via Ambolthue.
04] or_/galaktika trio: Songhellir Overture (Live In Iceland)
- Recorded in Songhellir, Iceland, June 2008. Arr/mix by Benny A07 in The Yellow House, Autumn 2008. OG3 is Gustav A149, John Gunnar A130 and Benny A07. Thanks to Outti.
05] or_/subtropika: Onda
- Recorded by Jorge A182, Puerto Rico, USA, 2009.
06] or_/caustika: PS W 128
- Òscar A264, Reus, Spain.
07] or_/southamerika: Del Arbusto
- Recorded by Courtis A132, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009.
08] or_/robotikii: Tawrnada Humanita
- "cast, blend and a shake. excerpt from Dolemite OST. hawt as Hel and no coconut oil in the air; wot a Tip!". Recorded by Marcos A259, SonsOfTid Studio, Chile, 2009.
09] or_/lca: Vox Populi
- Recorded in Milano 1998 and layered in France 2009 by Aaa and Aaa.
10] or_/hairy: Monkey Soup
- Recorded in Central Europe by Krulie A275.

details: Compiled by Boe A22 @ lalacuatro, San Fernando, Canarias, 2009.

produce: Listed as komkol 300, released by KomKol Autoprod, Canarias, 2009, web album originally released on now defunct MySpace.com/origamirepublika

origami republika - Free 23 Year Album - web/cdr comp
ORkk323 > .zip

01] or_/klassika: johan
- Recorded by Jan-Morten Iversen A179, 2013.
02] or_/tore: acoustic laptop "recuerdos"
- Performed by Tore Honoré Bøe A22. Recorded by Jan Krey A163 @ Halsnøy Folkehøgskule, 2012
03] or_/magika: borgenbøe (alt edit)
- Boe A22 & André Hardang Borgen A203, recorded @ Brugata, Oslo, June 2013. Alternate mix from the cassette version.
04] or_/natura: nightlight
- Liv Nome A290, acoustic recording by Kjell Øyvind Braaten A34 in BPS Studio Solbukta, Nesodden, Norway 2011. Mixed by Nome A290, Braaten A34 and Sigmund Espedal. Mastered @ Lydmuren.
05] or_/KA: 032 (studio 2004)
- Recorded by Kai Kobi Mikalsen A80 and Tore Honoré Bøe A22 @ Artibua, 2004.
06] or_/vokstervisse: ståle storli
- Trad. Rune Flaten A53 live @ Klubb Kanin, Sound Of Mu, Oslo, Norway 2007.
07] or_/imminim: eleiem 19-1
- Recorded by Olle Oljud A256, 2008.
08] or_/furiusvaka: manresa-madrid
- Recorded by Òscar Hidalgo A264 and Javi Neiro A272, 2011
09] or_/emergencyka: moxident minimal
- Recorded by Ronny Wærnes A255, Bodø, Norway 2013
10] or_/gorilla jr: searching for sugardaddy jr
- Recorded by Christian Blandhoel A305 and Nora Fiona Eriksen A306, 2013.
11] or_/stjernetåka: a93
- Recorded by Thomas Narverud A93 aka Inderst Elia, 2013.
12] or_/olympika: vant cupen etter okseofring
- Recorded by Marius Lien A173, Per-Ola Rike A174 and Magnus Fodstad Larsen A175, 2013.
13] or_/southamerika: joyful quema-speaker
- Recorded by Alan Courtis A132, Buenos Aires, 2013.
14] or_/arktika: staffan stalledreng (outtake)
- Kai Kobi Mikalsen A80, Kjell Øyvind Braaten A34, Bjarne Larsen A16, Rune Flaten A53, Boe A22, Kjell Runar Jenssen A159, Kjell Olaf Jørgensen A228 and Per Gisle Galåen A111 recorded by Marco Paschke @ andrebaustelle Tonstudio, Berlin, 2010. Roughmix by Tore Ylvisaker A02.
15] or_/pianistika: happy good one hope you have a new year (edit)
- Recorded by Jan Krey A163, Halsnøy, Norway 2012.
16] or_/replika: choose life (live in vilnius)
- Dr. Paco Boe A22 and Prof. Kim Xmazz A108 recorded by Gordon Lazarus, live in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013.
17] or_/traumatika: masken sitter hårt
- Recorded by Tryggve Lund A249, 2009.
18] or_/gurk: a gurk news (end)
- Recorded by Thomas Holme A288, Alexander Tronstad A289, Elise Marie Adamsrød A297 and Martin Palmer A333, 2012.

details: Compiled by Boe A22 @ lalacuatro, San Fernando, Canarias, 2013. Front cover foto by Rune Flaten A53.

produce: Listed as komkol 323, released by KomKol Autoprod, Canarias, 2013

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