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origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 01 - web album
ORkk261/265 > .zip

hel oss leap - web album (with BoogieGurd)
01] hel oss leap
la passion royale - web single (with sjdnie maane)
02] trivaanisstall revamped

details: 01] Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 at sons of tid, Chile, jan 24, 2009 (morning). "phase shifters and ring modulators excerpt out the enterprise, gul voidancedrillard, no need to get bored if cardioid. scumholders excipients!". 02] Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 at sons of tid, Chile, 2007. "the cheese so talked about, set up at the new sons of tid shag, laponderossa."

produce: Web album/single listed as komkol 261/265.

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 02 - web album
ORkk268/270/278 > .zip

jldrbloom - web ep:
01] bloodied bodkin
02] is old a (demise of jarnvedden)
national day aftermath/almost dawn - web ep (with BoogieGurd):
03] leave of absence
04] mungo munro III
05] accidental guerrilla
bad signal - web ep:
06] bad signal*
07] bad signal (beggar by the fountain)
08] bad signal (black thong cosmos)

details: 01-02] Ghoulorama recorded by Marcos Peres A259 at sons of tid, Chile, may 4, 2009. Performed by the regular dead hats. "...all sort of preposterous will be performed, exhalted and induced to potentiate failure of the slumberest."

03-05] Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 and sons of tid articules, sons of tid, chile, may 15/20, 2009. "rain refuses to charm this winter season, meanwhile i pet scrypts of random boot to shovel for new crops. the cause for urban paranoia hardly move the canvas case; its always easier to spill the milk at anothers dream den; specially if motives the essay, bouncing like Vegas heads, cheap crooks of all times."

06-08] Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 at sons of tid, Chile, may 2009. "all art/kraft by origami robotikii and sons of tid. *title excerpted from the work of warren ellis (the english writter), though this work hardly resembles his taste in music, in any case; no offense warren. ambient or burst!"

produce: Web ep's listed as komkol 268/270/278.

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 03 - web album
ORkk274 > .zip

smoky and the hollow earth - web album:
01] høna (chicken)
02] iddja (egg)
03] smoky and the hollow earth

details: Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 (who ate a sandwich of bacon and goat cheese that day) at sons of tid, Chile, april 23, 2009. "ambient based on the plate 'hariprasadchaurasia - the raga yaman'".

produce: Web album listed as komkol 274.

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 04 - web double-album
ORkk282.1 > .zip
ORkk282.2 > .zip

presenta: eE 23 - the Broglie Wave - web double-album:
pt 1 > mary magdalene
01] olaus magnus
02] sorrows, hackoey & haywire (the 4th chime)
03] skyfish
04] flying rod
pt 2 > snart/binah
05] a saavi world of cheap tricks
06] the outer church
07] orchs, rods & other techno glitches
08] kether flu

pt 3 > cryptozoology
01] blind badge peter saucer
02] cryptozoology
03] zound of the brand new krystal-o-graphers
pt 4 > the broglie wave
04] sulky & the ochre
05] the broglie wave
06] all is thirsty (itfed)

details: Written by Marcos Peres A259; performed by eE 23 & origami robotikii, during early 2007 and dec 2008, at sons of tid; laponderossa, Chile. "a boogie sound for the 1920s vinyl, edges in melancholy and techno buffonery. record build in 4 main plates, due to fakta."

produce: Web double-album listed as komkol 282.1-2.

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 05 - web album
ORkk285/288 > .zip

greenworm widowmaker - web ep:
01] karkashog
02] kar al lul
03] yggsam posture
04] da nedu
05] 1sam
06] gudaskymning
raptures of the deep (or the martini effect) - web ep:
07] dunshawl
08] dead mouse
09] garden earth
10] hdt-amy still waits the return of the nationbender noon light the fireflys (free 18 year album compilation)

details: 01-06] Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 at sons of tid, Chile, late may and june, 2009. 06] a revamp excerpt cover version of the original song "muspelheim" by therion. "ambient bleeps and wander." 07-09] Written by Marcos Peres A259 during june 2009 at sons of tid studio, Chile: "and the use of various gas mixtures was required such as: Origami Robotikii & other noble fumes." 10] Floating version of noonlights/fireflys first attempt, recorded at sons of tid musik, Chile, by Marcos Peres A259 during june/aghast 2007. main platform excerpt from Rob Zombies "the devils reject" version of terry reid for ending credits of the film. "amy still waits for the nation, an old plane vessel drifts in the breeze. dusk moist trembles from the fluttering tails of dogs. Bender i bender."

produce: 01-09] Web ep's listed as KomKol Autoprod cat.no.285/288. 10] Cdr/web compilation "Origami Republika Free 18 Year Album" listed as komkol 250, 2008. Zip also includes the videos "Bonafide Trickster" and "Dead Mouse".

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 06 - web album
ORkk290/291 > .zip

sierra limo - web ep (with jldrbloom):
01] 2 snakes in the desert of vowels
02] wees chi hotel meets pandOrigamikal galaxiablunt havn miks
03] new dream replaces the old one
cobra - web ep:
04] the devourer
05] the devoured
06] judgement wheel

details: 01-03] Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 with jldrbloom during aug/sep 2009 at sons of tid studio, Chile. "A record about characters ethics, and them 'must remember at all times patterns' or ethnics." 04-06] Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 during sep/okt 2009 at sons of tid, Chile. "what can be said about time travelling; that hasn't already been said about shape shifting and body snatching. wormhole haycutters & rot inflamers; sleepwalkers & chicken fertilizer. metal & water, to control toth-alley-Tea‚ misty magick land comes forth, my favrit time of the year, the gate of summer. wishing you all, an envy-less surround-ing, let me offer you COBRA."

produce: Web ep's listed as komkol 290/291. Zip also includes the video "It Is Written" and lyrics.

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 07 - web album
ORkk294 > .zip

100 ao shrall - web album:

01] it just happened
02] lundgroen vallemo
03] thermidor
04] kynhkaoh
05] l'jeffrey

06] tawrnada humanita (free 19 year album compilation)

details: 01-05] Recorded by Marcos Peres A259 at sons of tid, Chile, winter 2009 - march 4, 2010. "the name, Ubu phrase for "infinite Kaoh Grip". resembles a lot of the very early recordings, in the sense that demanded a lot more of perspective to be driven. a lot more equipment, is a lot more materiality, in a plasticity that is so spiritual. this is an UBU record." 01] "it just happened"; a song about the basics of inmensity; how come? if you dont know already you are just floating adrift, ..cause time all wrapped is running out." 02] "lundgroen vallemo"; a song about transending and control, about self awareness and indentifying purposes and them characters. 03] "thermidor"; if you browse for the word, youll definetly crack a laugh. this is about mediatized reality and numb perceptuals and them Memes. 04] "kynhkaoh"; a drone to drown with. forewords to this piece should give a bigger frame to this small picture. 05] "l'jeffrey"; sheltering hands of creation. that should be most of. please yourselves. 06] "cast, blend and a shake. excerpt from Dolemite OST. hawt as Hel and no coconut oil in the air; wot a Tip!"

produce: 01-05] Web album listed as komkol 294. 06] Cdr/web compilation "Origami Republika Free 19 Year Album" listed as komkol 300, 2009. Zip also includes the video "L´Jeffrey" and lyrics.

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 08 - web album
ORkk297/302 > .zip

evil hvag 8 - web ep:
01] looks (doloroso gauche flessibile)
02] ease
03] scherzando agitato noise trym (tsun plate)
bubastis ii - web ep:
04] gaupe i (how to kill a werewolf)
05] gaupe ii
06] south of heaven
07] mystos the mock and victim of the headless wall (count of mountsplash op. 4&5)

details: 01-03] Short plate of "agua fuerte", crafted during summer 2009 and may 2010 by Marcos Peres A259, sons of tid, Chile. "delivered as an eddie crisis over clustered oxen, main cover exerptd from GR "night of the living dead" back cover, "Ramona" Digital Olio, peres 09." 04-07] Written & performed by Marcos Peres A259 at sons of tid, Chile, jul/aug 2009. "Originally named 'How to kill a werewolf', and later named 'Bubastis', short album; written, performed, recorded and accidentally deleted. We trust in consequences. it wont be mourn but celebrated. Back to the matter of imagery! 'Bubastis ii', an elusive, ghost-like record, its magical appearance can unfold itself to those who stop and listen to the obscured by time and space, or completely lost to the world. in here, Origami Robotikii is "the bringer", therefore associated with divination and clairvoyance; and only by respecting its behavior and listening carefully may one begin to receive an answer. indeed, Origami Robotikii, have large eyes, and a keen sense of hearing which enables them to boon and bane. this late one bringing us closer to the nature we all beset under. this gemstone will keep all foul Omens away. (Bubastis, temple city of the cats) (Gaupe or Lynx, relative to the house cat, though shorter in Tail)."

produce: Web ep's listed as komkol 297/302. Zip also includes the video "Ørni Dwell - Heating Against The Earth" and lyrics.

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 09 - web album
ORkk305/308 > .zip

imbecile cowards - web album:
01] piper maru
02] bad signal visited live wire
03] hypocrypt mawlusks
04] hypocrypt mawlusks reprise
05] blessings
manitou - web ep:
06] manitou
07] wild green monster
08] mbwa mwitu na hatima (ulver's ulven okh :eda[skjebne] 8 bits reprised)

details: 01-05] Drone Ambient musik, Home Recorded at Sons of Tid, Chile. Jul.28 2010. "in memory Al Nakba & to all Yidden and Alike fighting the Sionist Dementia." 06-08] somehow i feel the Worlds just started to Fade. "walk away from the guns waving a flower, and refuse to halt when they tell you, their imagination will become your reality in a second." "Property is Theft; Property is Liberty. Property is impossible." "Der Ignotum per Ignotious; the unknown explained by the Unknown" *Bureaucracy to Son; E.Weishaupt/ Weyland *"Heute die Welt, Morgens das Sonnensystem" BEFORE SCAPING PRISON YOU MUST FIRST WALK THROUGH THE WALLS Chaos. Discord. Confusion. Bureaucracy. Aftermath think by yourself. a Sons of Tid, 9" Silver Wraith, Home Record 28 Lyar 5771/ June 01, 2011.

produce: Web ep´s listed as komkol 305/308

origami robotikii - them 9" og 13" plates 10 - web album
ORkk310 > .zip

serves up some revamps - web album:
01] helstory til ulvene (ulvers rvmpd)
02] reforma (origami boe rvmpd)
03] reforma plug stigma (origami boe rvmpd)
04] flukter - (origami galaktika rvmpd)
05] goofer powder (samaels connexion rvmpd)
06] los silla cojera con karraspita de mead (origami arktika rvmpd)
07] ørni dwell (full fakta video soundtrack)

details: 01-07] All by Marcos Peres A259 at sons of tid studio, Chile. "los revamps casi illegales." 01] Intervention, december 19, 2009. "this revamp mix belongs to "david til ulvene" and "flukt", songs from the ost "UNO", original form belongs to the band ULVER, well known for them bread and butter." 02-03] Intervention, may 12/14, 2009. Based on origami boe's acoustic laptop "reforma". 04] Intervention. Based on origami galaktika´s "flukt". "S A Strings meet woeful droning and the interexchange of tetrathermiques and them beautiful imagination." 05] Intervention. Based on samael's mysterious connection. 06] Intervention. Based on origami arktika's "den sorgfulle sjømann (kobi's havmiks). 07] Live motion picture, may 10, 2009. "Experiencing a delta-journey to the sea. Dedicated to the original Devils."

produce: Web album listed as komkol 310. Zip also includes the video "Must Toon".


"hdt-amy still waits the return of the nationbender noon light the fireflys" on "Origami Republika: Free 18 Year Album" - cdr/web comp
ORkk250, 2008 > on ORkk285/288

"tawrnada humanita" on "Origami Republika: Free 19 Year Album" - cdr/web comp
ORkk300, 2009 > on ORkk294

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