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komkol autoprod is the 'main archive list' of or_/republika (and up until 2004 also of our 1.657 Allied Forces Of Light).

Most of the CD and vinyl items in the catalogue have been released by other labels worldwide, thus our work has been spread in diverse circuits. Without these external outlets this work would not have been available, so a big thanks to all the involved.

Regarding the numerous cassettes and miscellaneous objects, we have done little to 'promote' or 'sell' them in any way over the years, still most of them have been duplicated and spread, usually to interested mail order customers and at concerts.

"The name of this 'production company' is derived from the very first cassette ever put out September 12 1990. The title was Kommunikation Kollektief. The first 23 catalogue numbers were part of KomKol Autoprod's predecessor strangely called The ThBnett Sculpture.

The ThBnett object/release sculpture was intended to be concluded by Anton Simonsen's manuscript 'M', but due to his tragic departure this was lost forever. Instead we published the Nordø/Boe book Damage Control, and started using the KomKol Autoprod catalogue numbers for all our output.

As time went by, many fine small-scale labels worldwide started helping us spread our many releases; cd's, vinyls, cd-r's, cassettes, books, video, t-shirts, objects and whatnot.

Apparently - and coherent with the rather kaotic progress of the Origami Republika network - there had to be smaller circuits of release popping up as side- or sublabels of KomKol Autoprod."

Blue is the colour of KomKol:

'We have called the new dBUT sculpture KOMKOL, and it's already alive materializing as a mini-merz construction that expands far inside the coldest room here in our house. You can see it if you visit us, anytime you feel like it. Participate, the mini-merz demands that you paint a little object blue and place it wherever you want.' - dBUT catalogue autumn 1992

I] lalacuatro - portable pc, San Fernando and wherever...
H] lala3 - home office, C/Marcial Franco/Secundino Delgado, San Fernando
G] lala2 - C/Tanausu, Arguíneguin
F] studio o/r/k/a, livingroom, Høiliveien/Thomas Hirsh Gate, Trondheim
E] Church Street Studio - livingroom, Kirkegata, Trondheim
D] Monrads Mine - livingroom, Monrads Gate, Oslo
C] Office/studio, FMK, Rosenkrantz Gate, Oslo
B] KomKol office - basement, dBUT, Møllergata, Oslo
A] first - back room, dBUT, Rostedsgate, Oslo

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