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Boe is currently booking concerts where he will draw upon his entire solo soundarchive from 1984 to the present to recreate old material and mix it with new.

He will even include material from well-received albums like Siesta, Monokromosom, Confessions Of A Poolboy, Melting Snow and Viscum Album.

Every set will be uniquely adapted to the situation, under his full name and the work title "Music, even".

He will use his acoustic laptops and other instrumentation, and play up against random blocks of prerecorded sound. The concerts are verving on the performative, as they are visual and tend to get physical.


"Boe is not unlike John Cage: a man of small sounds, but with the amplification used in rock concerts I am pretty sure this must have sounded massive. Musicboxes, piano bangs and obscured drones make up a great piece that receives a good applaus from the audience. Well deserved." - Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly 604

"The live part tug at the end of your conciousness, like happenings outside your field of vision, while the recorded parts provide a muzz curtain elegantly highlighting the tinkle and clunk of the assembled art kitchen." - The Wire

"Boe focus on what's just before and after, over and under, in and around - and thus helps the listening ear open up to an expanded universe of sound that it knows exist, but usually don't notice." - Groove.no

"I found myself staring at the loudspeakers astouned. Luckily - today's rockers manage to breathe new life to contemporary music's ideas." - Absurd Magazine "The sounds posess a very natural inherent beauty, something that he is a very keen observer of." - Roel Meelkop

Direct free .zip downloads including mp3 album, pictures, video and details >

electroacoustic > omaonotopetoKION D

electroacoustic > omaonotoPETOkion C

electroacoustic > OMAONOTOpetokion A+B

electroacoustic > viscum album

electroacoustic > endgame

rhythmical meditation > Z of 7

acoustic laptops > oslo 2008
(w/ full catalogue and video doc)

acoustic laptops > variations 2008-09

acoustic laptops > tenerife 2010

acoustic laptops > trondheim 2010

extreme noise ! > Kaptcha A

extreme noise ! > Kaptcha C
(feat. Kobi and remix by origami +herregud)