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"SHE (v.o.): Afterwards he took and buried some of our things in a bucket. He said that nobody else would know where we'd put them, and that we'd come back someday, maybe, and they'd still be sitting here, just the same, but we'd be different. And if we never got back, well, somebody might dig them up a thousand years from now and wouldn't they wonder!" - quote from Papercuts performance manuscript with Nelle Ink, 2002.

Origami Boe: "Does It Fly?" A Spam Prose Novel, 2012
Published by Komkol Autoprod both as handwritten and typed pdf booklet > download zip

^ Online version at Issuu.com

Author's note: Spam Mail is the evil sister of Mail Art. And since this digital booklet does not trigger the sensation of the paper it (is not) written on, I decided to send out the original handwritten manuscript, one page each to the 16 who responded first on Facebook. As in any other book of fiction: Everything you read is true!


Other published books and booklets >

"Does It Fly?", Spam prose novel, Handwritten/digital booklet (English), KomKol Autoprod, 2013 > download zip
"__ran __lan", Word reduction poetry, HTML booklet (English), KomKol Autoprod, 2004
"Kontemplatie", Origami Republika lyrics (ed.), Book (English/Slovak), Drewo A Srd, 1996
"Damage Control", Prose novel with Guttorm Nordø, Book (English), KomKol Autoprod, 1994
"Forsvinn Ulne Får", Merz collage novel, Book (Norwegian), Komkol Autoprod, 1992
"Kunstnarr", Prose, Book (Norwegian), Spartacus Forlag, 1990