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origami antarktika - you needn't make so much noise about it - web single
ORkk321 > bandcamp

01] You needn't make so much noise about it

details: All sounds by Jonas Qvale A 196. Field recordings, effects, bottled microphones, 78 linguaphone language course. One-take home recording.

produce: Web single listed as komkol autoprod cat.no.321 via bandcamp, 2013


origami antarktika - saltnesveien - web ep
ORkk320 > bandcamp

01] Saltnes I
02] Saltnes II

details: Live recording from the opening of Galleri Ruth Audio art drive-in gallery June 21. 2013. Passing cars and audience incorporated as part of concert and finished work.

produce: Web ep listed as komkol autoprod cat.no.320 via bandcamp, 2013


origami antarktika - soft focus pan/shadow investigation - web single
ORkk317 > bandcamp

01] Soft Focus Pan/Shadow Investigation (excerpt)

details: Excerpt from the "Shadow vs Light" art installation project with Silje Steinsvik and Brit Steinsvik. The project premiered in Fredrikstad in November 2012. The music was commissioned by The Norwegian Composers Association. All sounds by Jonas Qvale A 196. Sampler, effects, audio generator, Spear audio analysis software, Akai Synthstation. Recorded directly to two tracks (Soft focus pan)/composed in Reaper (Shadow investigation)

produce: Web single listed as komkol autoprod cat.no.317 via bandcamp, 2013

origami antarktika - basso profundo - web single
ORkk313 > bandcamp

01] Basso Profundo

details: Live at FrostFest, Blå Grotte, Fredrikstad, Dec. 29th 2011. All sounds by Jonas Qvale A 196. Sampler, audio generator, effects. Recorded live directly to two tracks.

produce: Web single listed as komkol autoprod cat.no.313 via bandcamp, 2012

origami antarktika - lost weekend - cdr ep
ORkk304 > download

01] Maydrone
02] Septemberdrone (Melancholia sketch)

details: 01] Jonas Qvale A196: Bowed guitars, voice chenger, wah pedal, recorded in Fredrikstad 2011. 01] Jonas Qvale A196: Field recording, dishes, synth, bowed guitars. Kasja Noova: Voices. Recorded in Fredrikstad, Norway and Antwerpen, Belgium sep 2012 - May 2011.

produce: Cdr single listed as komkol autoprod cat.no.304, July 9, 2011.

origami antarktika - lament - web single
ORkk301 > bandcamp

01] Lament

details: Recorded live in Fredrikstad at Rock On in support of Nekropolis on May 21, 2010. All sounds by Jonas Qvale A 196. Dictaphone cassette player, organ, percussion, effects, electronics. Recorded directly to two tracks.

produce: Web single listed as komkol autoprod cat.no.301 via bandcamp, 2010

origami antarktika - red - web ep
ORkk246 > bandcamp

01] Red

details: Two track mix of installation music from the light/sound installation Red, exhibited at the Fredrikshald fortification in Halden during the summer of 2006. All sounds: Jonas Qvale

produce: Web ep listed as komkol autoprod cat.no.246 via bandcamp, 2006

origami antarktika - academic music from buran - cdr/web album
ORuh01 > .zip

... as presented by ...
01] Interaction 1
02] Interaction 2

details: "This invaluable and rejected recording of prepared piano and feedback clearly shows the origin of the great tradition that has earned Trondheim such status internationally.

It was conceived and performed by Jonas Qvale A196 (prepared piano, microphone/tremolo/speaker setup, Ibanez and Boss digital delay effect pedals, pebbles). This recording contains two public performances of the work held on July 28th, 2001 in a barn in Holmestrand (a village famous for the tunnel leading you around it).

Of special note is the bold use of pebbles tossed onto the strings of the piano in the beginning of both versions. A total disregard of conventional recording techniques has resulted in a rooster crowing, an engaged child audience member, footsteps and intermittent outside traffic noise throughout, making this baffling audio document exciting listening material. There is no end to it. Rhizotto.

The artist came to maturity in the Buran academic circles around the turn of the millenium, and the two recitals captured here are very much products of their time and of that curious scene. Buran is a part of Trondheim inhabited by very old people and younger students, artists and academics. It is also an area close to the more famous "alternative" Svartla'mon."

produce: CDR released as "Jonas Qvale: Prepared Piano & Feedback" by Panot. Web album listed as unesco [underground] uh01, Islas Canarias, 2011


'Red (edit)' on Origami Republika: Free 18 Year Album - cdr/web comp - ORkk250 > info | .zip
'untitled low' on Origami Republika: We Are Hell-Oh?! - cdr/web comp - ORnsrwl05 > .zip

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