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UPCOMING > 23 Year exhibition by Linn Halvorsrød, Christine Red, Martin Knutsen and Origami 2re...

MOST RECENT > CHRISTINE RED web > Collage On Canvas

Jens Stegger Ledaal A178 (Origami Automatika) >
Monument To Throttle (inside) "Homage Á Mr. Bean, vernissage saturday jan 30, 2010 (Dia de la Paz)

Origami Kanaria A195/A242 >
Artists In Residence, action saturday sep 4, 2010

Origami Boe A22 >
Zoorealismus Sein, vernissage saturday sep 11, 2010

Origami Boe A22 >
Pearls Before Swine Harbour, Hypnotique, Playa Del Inglés, vernissage sunday oct 10, 2010

Magne Rudjord A286 (Origami Eureka) >
A Wooden Heart, reproduction, vernissage saturday dec 11, 2010

Jonas Qvale A196 (Origami Antarktika) >
Model for National monument over Roald Amundsen, vernissage dec 14, 2010 (99 years since Amundsen conquered the south pole)

Christine Red >
Collage On Canvas, vernissage jul 23, 2011 (Noche de San Juan)


Collective exhibition, an ongoing project open to your participation.


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General refurbishing, january 2010

Gallery-in-residence with kids making miniatures for the vestibule at the fiesta organised by origami kalima, Hypnotique Cocktail Bar, Playa del Inglés, october 2010

The microgallery mostly stays outside where it is influenced by weather, sand and insects, here some damages after the hurricane, november 2010

As I was repainting I heard a sort of soft scratching sound, and it turned out that a grasshopper had decided to use the loft as his death-bed. In respect I moved him into the vestibule, june 2011

Tapas & tropis were served for Christine Red´s vernissage, waiter and visitors, june 2011

And origami kanaria served up in Room 4 as well...



In case you´d like to propose your exhibition, here´s the measures (fotos with zippo´s to the left) >

ROOM 1 upstairs; height: 38,5cm, depth: left wall 50cm, right wall 35cm. width: 36cm. staircase app 24 X 24cm, height 8,5cm. window 11 x 20,5cm (2cm from right wall, 24cm from left wall, 13cm from floor, 5,5cm from ceiling) note: possible to use ceiling/wall angle: 14cm

ROOM 2 upstairs; height: 38,5cm, depth: left wall 35cm, right wall 35cm. width: 26,5cm. window 11 x 14,5cm (2,5cm from right wall, 13cm from left wall, 18,5cm from floor, 5,5cm from ceiling)

ROOM 3 upstairs; height: 38,5cm, depth: left wall 35cm, right wall 50cm. width: 35cm. window 12,5 x 15cm (8cm from right corner, 29,5cm from left corner, 10cm from floor, 3,5cm from ceiling ledge) note: possible to use ceiling/wall angle: 14cm

ROOM 4 downstairs; height: 39cm, depth: left wall 30cm (+ 16cm door + 3cm end), right wall 50cm. width: 40,5cm. window 13 x 21cm (19,5cm from right wall, 17,5 from left wall, 13cm from floor, 5,5cm from ceiling)