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"Model for National Monument Over Roald Amundsen"
Vernissage Dec 14, 2010 (99 years since Amundsen conquered the south pole)

Jonas Qvale A196 (origami antarktika/Hornorkesteret) made a proposal for a “National Monument to Roald Amundsen”.

There was a competition, juried and later exhibited at the Fram Museum in Norway in september 2010. Sadly, Qvales proposal was not chosen, but the jury chose another strong piece that focused on the team that reached the South Pole more than on Amundsen himself. The monument is scheduled to be opened on december 14th, 2011, 100 years after Amundsen and his men conquered The South Pole.

The “Hornorkesteret proposal” is called “Roald Amundsens Verden” and instead of being built in granite and larvikite at Bygdøynes outside of Oslo, it is now being presented in styrofoam and papier maché as a miniature at the microgallery in Gran Canaria, on december 14th, the 99th anniversary of the conquest of the South Pole!

The monument shows the world as Roald Amundsen might have seen it, with great importance given to the polar regions. This view is becoming more and more poignant as the polar ice caps melt. The polar regions cover 3/4 of this world. The continents except Antarctica have shrunk to a thin band aroud the globe’s waist.