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work 010 : acoustic laptops - anecdotes & by other people
wood boxes with tiny sound objects attached inside

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photos in the art collection - download zipped documentation

2012 > The various documentation of the acoustic laptops has been collected HERE

^ Acoustic Laptop Orkestra live @ Klubb Kanin/meta.morf biennial
Trøndelag Teater, Trondheim, Norway 2010

As the inventor of the acoustic laptop I used to be the world´s second best acoustic laptop performer. That is a long time ago now. Other people have created their own in one of the workshops, and are using them in their musical activities (Kobi, Hubert Napiorski´s Thaw, OHMnoise, Rikke Alminde Bendtsen, Hormiga Del Pan, NiNi-crü). Now people even include them in their own workshop repetoire (David Perreko in Tenerife, Derek Holzer around the world), and are giving verbal presentations of them (Markus Schwill in Berlin and Stettin). They were even depicted in the Italian version of Marie Claire (aug 2011). They were also presented by Lydgalleriet at the Kinetica Art Fair in London (feb 2012).

It gives me great joy to see this happening, but should I sue for breach of copyrights? No! The acoustic laptops have come into their own being, and thus they are out of my control - job done! Anyone that creates one will be tagged as a life member of Origami Boe´s Acoustic Laptop Orkestra.

^ in the Italian version of Marie Claire, august 2011

^ Presentation @ sommercamp:workstation
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany, August 2009

"I came across these at some point in the past week floating around the web and thought the concept was nice enough to share. “Acoustic laptops” here is a play on the idea of a laptop that is used for music being reduced simply to a box of sound. If you were to explain to a child what a laptop musical performance was, you might say just that. This is my box of sounds. I will play with them.

They are not sequencers or sound manipulators/processors, but collections of small sound devices meant to be contact mic’d. Box of sounds. You might argue that all of the various processes of laptop production still reduce to those three words. And acoustic because, well, they would make sounds even unmic’d, just very small ones." - Michael Byrne, motherboard.tv, May 2011

^ Exhibited at the Verwertung Festival
Stattbad Wedding, Berlin, Germany 2010

^ Presented by OHMnoise @ Art=Adding Exhibition
Stettin, Poland, 2010

^ Post-concert acoustic laptop and following note from the airport security, Berlin, Germany, 2010


Nicolas Spitzer´s "The First" - Made in three days when Boe A22 was visiting Berlin october 2008.
So of course they played together at DIENSTbar. Later cut-up during the september 2009 workshop in Berlin, to become part of a new Halldorophone. The left-over bit was given to Boe A22, and made a great spectacle in the security check at Schönefeld airport as it was sent through the scanner over and over again, with a lot of people watching...

^ Charles Hayward (This Heat) with Kai A80, Per Gisle A111 and Bjarne A16 from origami republika in the gallery during my exhibtion @ Sound Of Mu, Oslo, 2008.

presentation - make your own - orkestra - workshops
photos in the art collection - download zipped documentation

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