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work 010 : acoustic laptops - how to make your own
wood boxes with tiny sound objects attached inside

presentation - make your own - orkestra - workshops
photos in the art collection - download zipped documentation

2012 > The various documentation of the acoustic laptops has been collected HERE

A] hardware; find or make your own wood box
try out different woods as they change the sound notably | hard wood carry sound better | sounds sharper | oak | teak | the softer wood the rounder the outcome | balsa | try out old wood new | firm birch - cheap plywood | cigarboxes | artist boxes | those little cupboards to hold your keys | chinese wonders | domino brick boxes | toolboxes (in my case a deluxe anniversary version of the norwegian lutheran invention of the cheese slider) | if the bottom of the box is in direct contact with the table (or floor) it also picks up the sound from it | if there is air between the sound become more isolated but with a different resonnance | put knots under | try plastic boxes with softer objects for children | try metal boxes for a more "industrial" or noisy sound approach | hammer your own...

B] real-time connection; add microphone then plug-n-play
use a contact-mike (piezo) to permutate the whole box into a microphone | not hard to find | check out cheap guitar pick-ups at your local music store | or if you have minimal funds for this - do not despair; get one of those greetingcards that play some beepy song when you open them | tear out the little metal loudspeaker plate that's hiding inside | with the two tiny chords it's fixed to | use a normal jack cable | cut off one plug | connect the two chords inside with the two from the plate | twist or solder them together | then glue the plate tight onto the wood | can be wise to cover it with a bottlecap | plug the cable to any amplifier or any system with a microphone gain | use two to go stereo (pan left/right) | if equalising; middle down to avoid too much feedback | or not...

C] software; putting things inside
rub this page between your fingers close to your ear to get an idea | find tiny objects that create sound | another good reason to park the car and take a walk | borrow children's eyes | fix items in various distances from the pick-up | several identical ones will give off different dynamics | listen closely for the tonal span between the different items (you soon have enough to kick off many songs, ta-de-dum) | metal spring | stone | paperclip | cardboard | rusted iron | rubber | string | needle | sandpaper | wood | plastic (don't expect miracles) | comb | egg slicer | pull-back fishing line | toys | cotton | bells | bits of a tin-can | more advanced; "electro-acoustic laptops" | armed and earthed with circuit-bended stuff inside | broken radio parts | motors | walkie-talkies talking together | burglar alarm and mcdonald-synth | beware; these are second to the first-hand-on experience...

D] playing; fingerspitzgefühl
sounds are made by gently brushing | plucking | picking | scraping | stroking | drag fingertip | brush | sponge | pencil | plastic rose | feather circular motions create drones | stroke the box gently along the sides | get an e-bow (electrical guitar pick) for strings | play finger football with a paper ball | drop grains of rice | pour sand over it | use the box itself as percussion (don't break the lid like i once did) | a gentle touch alter atmosphere radically | play softly like it's your lover's nipple | or in abrupt flamenco-style | with other acoustic laptops over highspeed internet | sing along | voices to be heard | use micro-screwdriver | chopsticks | palmleaves (or other plants) | write or draw or cut-out scores | use for dub embellishment in any kind of music known to mankind...

presentation - make your own - orkestra - workshops
photos in the art collection - download zipped documentation

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