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"Boe did a really fun workshop on how to construct acoustic laptops. In a lighthearted and comical presentation at the end of the week, he said they were not meant as an "anti-laptop"statement, as he uses them frequently and also makes music with them - but to highlight the computers' rather narrow interface." - XLterrestrials Blog

The acoustic laptops work well as target objects in a workshop setting. The boxes in themselves are open to input, and I have had good experiences with people from various backgrounds - artistic, musical or neither, getting together and gather around them.

In a one or two sessions each workshop participant will create his/her own acoustic laptop to bring home.

The friendly appearance and low-threshold "interface" of the boxes work as an equalizer regarding status or previous knowledge. These workshops are not about "circuit-bending", where the focus is usually put on the technical aspects of building your own musical instrument.

The tiny microphones needed will be quickly soldered and connected, leaving more time for selecting and testing of objects to put inside the box, exploring new depths of reality through sound.

I always strive to create a comfort zone that in itself inspires creativity and reflection. This in turn leads to dynamic discussions and surprising lines of association. It is important to make each participant feel welcome and included, the workshop progress should be as democratic as these boxes are.

Regarding workshops for children:

There are certain aspects that can be tuned down, like the practical/technical issues (soldering, etc.) to allow more focus on sound exploration and the fun of making the boxes. Sometimes the children participate in groups, and parents are usually welcomed (to help out with the hot gluegun and such).

Kids from 6-15 years work well. The emphasis can be finely "tuned" into the main thematic field of the organizer; themes like sound exploration, reframing of objects, recycling etc...


Practical/technical rider:

Optimally 10-15 participants
Optimally over 2 days (ca 4 hours each), or one day (ca 4 + 3 hours + break)

The organiser must have:

Solid worktables
Various tools (drill, soldering irons, glueguns, scissors, tiny screwdrivers, etc)
A little linemixer* and small sound system/active speakers (for testing/recording)
Directions to second hand stores or waste heaps
Extra "found possible sound objects" and woodboxes for participants that don´t bring their own
Some fruit or cookies, water, coffee

* I normally bring a line-mixer

Each participant should bring:

A wood box (cigar box or similar, try to avoid felt/paper linings)
As many tiny items that might create sound as possible (brushes, toy motors, pins, string, springs, etc.)