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origami boe - kaptcha a - cdr in fold-out cover
ORkk251 > .zip

01] 012aAxY7
02] 012aBJ8t
03] 012aC6Vu
04] 012aDT4w

details: Sound sources recorded before breakfast at The Best Studio in Oslo in March 2008. Boe A22 played his "Punkedup" acoustic laptop through the effect pedal christmas three of Lasse Marhaug A73. These sources were then cut-up & smeared by Boe A22 @ lalacuatro, Madrid, Spain, May 2008.

produce: The original source disc & artwork was presented as a birthday gift to Geir Yven A105 of Origami Fanatika. Cdr listed as KomKol Autoprod 251, released by Gold Soundz as GS#102, Norway

origami boe - kaptcha c - web album
ORkk287 > .zip

01] 012cA2f9
02] 012cBs3k [origami herregud+ mix]

details: 01] Kai Kobi A80 and Boe A22 recorded live by Per Gisle A111 @ DIENSTbar, Galerie Zeitzone, Berlin, February 23, 2010. Special thanks to Markus Schwill, Christian Nedregaard & Origami Arktika. 02] Remixed in Lublin, Poland by Hilmer Helfe A152 of Origami Herregud+

produce: Web album listed as KomKol Autoprod 287.

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