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origami kaffe & origami gurk - avademic music from kolbotn/nidaros - web album
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01] Origami Gurk "Play The Beatles"

details: Before seeking out a more commercial approach on the NoAward™ winning album "Age Of Reason" with Seidmen (TRASS! anarchives/Ambolthue), the Gurks already had this groundbreaking recording session behind them. Here they explore the states of art, music and mind-over-mountains that has so much in common with Senegalese noise-psykedelia, the Pippa Holstein Schoool Of Sonosemantics and the hailstorm of shoegazer-rock that came out of the Nidaros area through the tribalism of among others Motorpsycho and Mrs. Hippi.

By envoking a cover song of the fairly successful liverpoodlian group we know as "The Beatles" (although their real name is still kept a secret), the Gurks cross-fertilise the true spirit of the 'cross-the-sea brotherhood of man with the toe-numbing traditional Topy astroturf. No vitriolic vesper can hide the fact.

The original master was thrown into the Tronhjem Fjord for no particular reason. Or maybe to make a statement. Or maybe to make a comment. Holes burnt in the polystyrene fabric of reality.

produce: Web album listed as unesco [underground] uh03, Islas Canarias, 2011

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