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This is the beta-version of the origami republika TV channel,
organised by or_/furiusvaka (Catalunya/Spain)

Origami Republika Village TV

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or_/ios @ punkt festival 2005

or_/arktika >

Staffan Stalledreng
I Gården (20 january 2012)
Anne Sit Heime
So Ro Lite Ting (Anderebaustelle)
Kvist (unknown uploader)
Gullseng (unknown uploader)

or_/olympika >

Ola By-Rise

or_/repetika >

The Odor Of Team Spirit

or_/robotikii >

Bonafide Trickster
Dead Mouse
It Is Written
Ørni Dwell - Heating Against The Earth
Must Toon

or_/tacet >

Glass On The Beach (studio recording 2008, excerpt)
Einstein At The Zoo (live with Nils Henrik Asheim, excerpt)
Remembrance (music for film by Tom Løberg)
Broadcast (excerpt from "Renosance" cdr)